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Interested in all sorts of aircraft, weird and wonderful from all eras. Prefer to design British aircraft but will dapple in all sorts. Hope you enjoy my designs, feel free to critique or offer advice. Am open to suggestions for builds as I need the inspiration anyway :)

Notable builds (to me anyway):
Replicas (either drawn up or constructed in real life):
Blohm und voss bv215.03
Su 20 Fitter
Gloster Javelin FAW 9
Hawker Hurricane mkIIc
HAF Mirage 2000-5 MkII
Mirage F2000 6.9 Ramex Delta
Hawker Siddeley P1216 MKII
Hawker Siddeley P1214
Sea Fury
Hawker Fury II
Supermarine Spiteful F.MK.14
Supermarine Seafang F.MK.32
Boulton Paul P100
Hunting Percival Jet Provost T.MK.5
Lightning mk1a XM178 "Firebird"
Martin Baker Mb5 Africa
Blohm und Voss BV P.215.02
Junkers Ju EF 009 Hubjager
F-8 Crusader
Ta 183 Huckbein
Dehavilland Sea Hornet F MK20
Arado AR-381
F-16 XL
Airco DH2

Flying boats / float planes:
Saunders Roe A1
Hansa Brandenburg W29
Hansa Brandenburg W18
Blohm n Voss BV238B

B-57B Canberra
Arado E555 Amerika Bomber
Blackburn Buccaneer S.2B
Vickers Armstrong Type C Heavy Bomber
Fairey P.75
Handley Page Heyford
Blohm und Voss 170 01
Blohm und Voss 170 01-01 Schnell-Bomber
Daimler Benz Type C with Type E piloted bombs

Supermarine Spirit SBD design
Supermarine Spirit MK2
Supermarine Type 300 SBD
Supermarine Type 300 JET
Panavia Tornado II
SBD Hawker Hunting Hound mkIVb
SBD Hawker Hound
Hawker Cyclone Test bed
SBD Hawker Hound mkVII
Twin Hurricane MKXI
Pierre Drolet Viper
Cutangus Jul2017
Thor Corsair MK1
Sky Raptor

Flying boats/seaplanes:
Short Hartlepool MkI
Supermarine Type 310 flying boat
Saunders Roe Rocket Interceptor MkIV
MrSilverwolfs seaplane challenge Tonka 2
Flying boat SR Vulture MkII
Fairey P.75 STOL
Supermarine 400 Bomber
Avro Venator B Mk IV
SBD Junkers Ju 885Z
WH40k Whirlwind Hrolfr
Her Majesty's Space Ship "Hood"
Mobile aircraft launcher
Dusty carrier version
Land crawler "Thomas"
Thunderbird 1