SimplePlanes Help

SimplePlanes can be a little overwhelming at first. If you have a specific question, your best bet is to ask the players on the SimplePlanes Subreddit.

There's also a great wiki page in the subreddit that has a lot of great content.

Website Help

Take full advantage of the website by downloading airplanes, and submitting your own. You can earn free internet points by submitting your own airplanes! You can learn more about the point system here. Also, we do have some basic rules to follow.

Game Controls

C Change camera
B Cut throttle and wheel brake
1/2 Decrease/Increase throttle
Left/Right or A/D Aileron (roll left/right)
Up/Down or W/S Elevator (pitch nose down/up)
Q/E Rudder (tilt left/right)

Here is a great video to help get you started building airplanes.