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Uchanka Reporting!

Current Platform: Android

I'm a 18 year old Filipino human.
That's basically it

I love planes off course, I like ships, offroad cars, tanks and even trains!

I built some replicas occasionally, but i prefer to do some ripoff and fictional vehicles

Replicas I aim to build:

Fictional Companies:
note: S.E. means sniper eyes

S.E Industries
  • existed from 1900s (its name before was S.E Workshop until WWII it changed to S.E Industries until present).
  • a company that makes military planes, submarine(not so far) and ships ranging from patrol boats to gigantic Aircraft carriers, and off course helicopters.
S.E Motors Inc.
  • Company that manufactures land vehicle especially civilian ones like cars and motorcycles.
S.E Aviation
  • Company that manufactures civilian General Aviation aircrafts, and helicopters.

Creations built for fun.

If I've some time to make things not for upvotes but for fun with the community(some of this was scrapped builds)
Here are the following:

KV-2-2-2 Stalin's Tower

BT-7 with KV-2 Turret

Tank chassis with handling of a ripsaw

Armored Vehicle with wooden anti RPG skirt

Russian Bias Machine(IL-2M)

Russian Bias Machine(I-16)

GTA San andreas Ryder's Car(PUBLIC)

GTA San Andreas Lowrider(PUBLIC)

Low Quality Motorcycle(PUBLIC)

See some of my creations and have fun!

Previously known as Kimcotupan15