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Tracked beast

55.0k Uchanka  1.7 years ago
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WASD controls controls. Fun to drive around and jump around because the tracks is just almost indestructible against terrain. Just small improvements on the new tracks technique from BogdanX.
Btw this is just a ww2 tank chassis knock off from several tanks because I can't make MBTs on my android which is can't run a tank with more rotators and moving parts.

General Characteristics

  • Created On Android
  • Wingspan 10.4ft (3.2m)
  • Length 25.8ft (7.9m)
  • Height 6.3ft (1.9m)
  • Empty Weight 15,401lbs (6,985kg)
  • Loaded Weight 16,542lbs (7,503kg)


  • Wing Loading 439,839.3lbs/ft2 (2,147,483.6kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 0.0ft2 (0.0m2)
  • Drag Points 3683


  • Number of Parts 114
  • Control Surfaces 0
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    55.0k Uchanka

    @ArkRoyalTheDDhunter off course. Also credit me(use successor) if you upload something by this chassis

    21 days ago
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    @Uchanka Hey can me use chasis

    21 days ago
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    55.0k Uchanka

    @EternalFlame2021 primitive tracks before all of my tank builds

    one month ago
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    OWO wuts dis? o-O

    +1 one month ago
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    55.0k Uchanka

    @StancyBoi that's a lazy way to make tracks. Also, the treads on it have no actually hitbox

    2 months ago
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    128 StancyBoi

    What if you used the tracks 2 mod? Prefabricated tracks are the best my guy

    +1 2 months ago

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