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Biography has player entered not is what am I doing....


Slava Ukrani!

My SR2 Account: CLICK ;)

Admin of the Simpleplanes General Discord server: Here

Username in Discord: It's_Icey21
Tag: #8570
Just to verify some stuff

Hello I see you've entered my profile

Founder of:

Hello there! if you need help with your planes feel free to send the links to me and ill fix it and also if youre wondering I can only fix your planes on saturdays or sundays because im busy most of the time...but i could be available all summer. And also i will always build mobile friendly items cars planes etc. also if you want me to build something just ask...
- In junior high... I think... :<
- :)
I live in [REDACTED] and can accidentally write 1,000 word essays
Updoot'n since 1969 ;)
Post whenever you complete a plane. Nobody cares about schedules here

Currently a highschool junior... I guess

Proud to be Pinoy ;D

Status: Active most of the time

Here is my hangar where I store my planes and ideas, forums etc.: Clicky

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Page 21! Fav num, and came bak to SP com :DD 01/07/2022
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Front page appearances so far: 2 times (with the same plane)

Anyway onto interests:

1 Minecraft

2 Simpleplanes (why else would I be here)

3 Among us

4 Space flight simulator

So yeah...

Fans of:

Gaming, obviously

Elon Musk, if your also a fan, Nice!


White: ever since the dawn of time

Bronze: I forgot

Silver: August 29, 2021 (Thanks so much @DreamsPilot!)

Gold: Did it bois! 20/02/2022

Platinum: idk sometime


Rjenteissussy Beri cool dood

Beast Hunter Updoot 100

tsampoy le train

Guy Folk PSM god

Winterro great at building dino mechs!

infiniteleak Le inactive

LarryTad Thanks for spotlighting my stuff!

Zaineman Also a great guy :D

X99STRIKER Great screenshot dude👌

MrCarrot Great person and builder! I would consider him, BeastHunter, X99STRIKER, Rjenteissussy, and Zaineman as my friend.

Hazerz fellow peenoi, and comrade 👍

GrizzlitnCFSP Great guy :D

Alvin8 cool dood



Link to my YouTube channel here

Previously known as IceCraft