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It is the time that we spend that give us the illusion we are enjoying ourselves, although the enjoyment itself is the realization that time does not apply. The paradox of enjoyment over time was only realized after a complete transformation of what was previously believed to be true.
-Sir Melvin Clatsworth Edmundson VIII

Hi and welcome to my Bio!

Don't upvote my stuff. Instead, follow me. Follows mean so much more to me than upvotes. I won't let you down on spotlights ; )

I love all kinds of planes and vehicles. I started on iOS, and now own PC as well.

I'm a Christian.

project I'll probably never finish
that thing is a very cool tank but just isn't good enough to post

I will make you a thumbnail using Reshade and Photoshop. Just tag me on an unlisted post.

Things I've done in Reshade:

Lesson Learned: Don't use too much Vignette effect

Lesson Learned: Mechs are Cool

my latest:

Bronze: who cares
Bronze Special: why would anyone want that

Silver: September 15 2022
Silver Special: a gigantic trophy with a bunch of little buggers attached

Gold: n/a
Gold Special: I’ll upvote every single one of all of my followers’ posts

Platinum: n/a
Platinum Special: I’m going to build my profile picture but it will fly and swing it’s lightsaber

My Favorite Games

  1. Minecraft
    Nothing to say about this one, It's literally Minecraft. @Spacepickle3214
  2. SimplePlanes
    Uh, we're on the SimplePlanes site so I would take a lot of hate if this wasn't in at least top 3
  3. Superhot
    I have this one on Switch and love the Gyro controls. An amazing story as well as truly mind-boggling gameplay. The most innovative shooter I've played in years.
  4. Star Wars Battlefront 2
    A really cool looking third person shooter with a campaign that plays like a movie. Online servers are dead because there's about a million game modes. @Spacepickle3214
  5. XCOM 2
    mind-boggling tactical strategy
  6. EVE Online
    A crazy complicated mmorpg. Gets a lot of bad reviews because it really only appeals to a small chunk of the population. Kinda like Destiny 2 in space. @Space Pickle 3214
  7. Dream League Soccer (mobile)
    A strangely fun mobile soccer game
  8. Black Widow recharged
    A really well done casual game
  9. Xibalba (mobile)
    an essentially flawless retro first-person shooter. Free, no ads, no IAP, only thing it needs is more levels.
  10. Fortnite
    I play occasionally and always have fun. Yes, I'm one of those people. At Least its not Genshin Impact @Space_Pickle3214


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