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My friends call me Zaine, Zaineman, or just Z. I have been flying aircraft simulations for well over 30 years. When the first computers came out I had a computer called a 286. Next there was the 386, then the 486 ,then the first Pentium.

The speed of that 286 computer was 8.54 MHz ... that's right..... My monitor was four colors. The hard drive was 40 megabytes total. Yes Meg not gig.

The game I used to play on it was Microprose F-117 stealth fighter and that's where it all began.

Space games are a lot of fun too like the original Wing Commander and my favorite was Privateer. Galaxy on fire would be comparable to Privateer.

Now I have a virtual reality setup to fly all the flight simulator planes. If you have not seen virtual reality in a flight simulator you have to see it at least once. It's sick.

I've been playing X-Plane and VTOL.

I also play guitar and have a recording studio in my home. Big music fan. I like anything from the slow '70s all the way through Metallica and speed metal.

I'm just using a tablet, so I don't really have access to a lot of the tools and ordinance you guys do.

You guys can really make some excellent planes. Thanks for sharing them and letting me make modifications to them. Z