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About my builds...

Thank you for visiting my page. My builds are focused on real-world examples, even if it is a fictional one— So I would say my fictional builds are "realistic fictional" ones based on time, era, and history. I love aviation technology as well as aviation history. I love to build planes from the WW2 era to recent ones.

I am not too crazy about ultra-futuristic ones or super old staff like a pre-WW1. But sometimes I still do. I can not stand "egg planes," sorry, they are not to my taste.

Milestones with SimplePlanes:

  • discovered the SP game and also Joined on: 1/2022
  • The first plane got curated: 2/2022
  • 15K - 4/2022
  • 25K - 6/2022
  • 50K - 9/2022
  • 90K - 11/2022
  • 100K - 1/1/2023
  • Landed on the 1st user page 1/17/2023 also a youngest user on the first page as of 1/2023

My watercolor painting, "The Dawn of Aviation"

About Me...

I am a full-time graphic designer/illustrator based in New York. I do aviation art and drawings. I used traditional media such as watercolors but these days I use digital painting programs like ProCreate, Photoshop, and Illustrator depending on the project. For more of my paintings, please visit my Instagram ---->>> @Wins_Wings I enjoy reading books or watching videos about aviation-related history, tech, and war history in my spare time.

The most downloaded plane from me -

Supersonic Transport SST-W100
is the most downloaded plane: 35,000+ downloads as of 2/2023


Instagram: @Wins_Wings


YouTube: Win'sWings

Thank You all for the UPVOTES and support! I was not aware of the user points, at the beginning. But later, I can feel your support and motivates me to add more content.