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About my builds...

Hi! So you are already here on my page. My builds are focused on real-world examples, even if it is a fictional ones—that is how I love aviation technology and history. I build every plane, whether old or new - and I love to build the rear and odd ones too, including prototypes, secret projects, you name it. I did very few sci-fiction ones, but usually, those are not to my taste - If you love historical airplanes and are serious, you are welcome!

About Me...

I am a fulltime graphic designer based in New York. Besides, I also do avaition arts and drawings. I used traditional media such as watercolors or digital painting programs like ProCreate, Photoshop and Illustrator. For more of my artworks like those above, please visit my Instagram ---->>> @Wins_Wings I enjoy reading books or watching videos about aviation related history, tech and war history in my sparetime.

Above is my watercolor painting, called "The Dawn of Aviation."


@Wins_Wings for original aviation arts and paintings:

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