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Welcome to my page, Hits who visited this page since 9/19/2023

About My Builds...

Since I was a kid, I've loved airplanes and anything that flies. Alongside my full-time job as a Graphic Designer, I draw and illustrate aviation stuff, sharing it on my Instagram @Wins_Wings. My interest in aviation and war history inspires what I build in SimplePlanes. My previous study in Mechanical Engineering helps with my builds. I like making models that look realistic for their time, with the right speed and weapons of the era they represent. Before SimplePlanes, I used to build scale models, but flying them in SP feels more exciting.

Supersonic Transport SST-W100 - My fictional concept plane This is the most downloaded plane from me - It was built based on my sketch and a "believable fictional" plane. 56,000+ downloads as of 3/2024

Concept Sketch


- VTOL Tutorial
- Build a jet in 5 minutes

The Dassault-Dornier Alpha Jet (Replica)

Stealth-Roadster-Mark-I The convertable with Spy gadgets

My watercolor painting, "The Dawn of Aviation"

INSTAGRAM @Wins_Wings Aviation Arts and Drawings

YouTube - Win'sWings

Milestones with SimplePlanes:

  • A friend on Instagram recommended SimplePlanes and I Joined on: 1/2022
  • My first plane got curated: 2/2022
  • 25K - 6/2022
  • 50K - 9/2022
  • 100K - 1/1/2023 (almost exactly one year)
  • Landed on the 1st user page 1/17/2023
  • 180K and reached the top 10 place - 9/2023
  • 200K - 10/2023
  • 250K - 4/2024

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