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Player's biography is loooooong, and being idiot

Retired in 3/14/2023
Will back soon in 1/6/2024

Rjente-is-sussy not Rjente-is-ussy


TomTom is blurry

This video make me laugh till death 💀💀💀

You can Shortly called me "RJ" or "Rjente"

<<Rjente stand-by>>


~Russian STRONK~

Terminator stationed in "Ice Base"

Felon fly-by in "Wright Isles"

-me since @WolfHunter9111's AI heli from the past [ UwU ]
-I love Flankers, Felons (Russian aircrafts)

My favorite nations



🇩🇪(germanism is real)

🇯🇵(UwU OwO)

I'm now the:

-Cursed builder maker
-Simple Sukhoi maker
-Squad maker
-German builder member
-Post-Stall Maneuver builder/pilot
-Random activity

Also my weakness:

-PC suffers 1200 parts
-Android suffers 400 parts

Trying to pushing my limits for this

Now Time to introduce myself randomly

Hello I've seen you entered my profile

My simple YT chan >Click here and subs<

My SR2 account kind of>Click here to see<

I'm just building stuff like crazy or usable of fighting (I also post some gibberish, boring, upgraded, modified crafts) btw I have a fandom ACC and discord my acc name there is RjenteIsFunny_SP#6954

So I made a new squadron

"Night Killer Squadron" and I'm NightKiller1 so yeah

Status: (In)/Active but active sometimes mostly at night



@IceCraftGaming> my very close friend, and my best comrade

@Zaineman> yes were close to each other

@Walv!s> yep were friends on discord

@WolfHunter9111> My ultimate best COMRADE ever!

@jamesPLANESii> friendly and he's a good guy

@Sergio666> A really cool platinum comrade

@YYEE> a big supporter of him and were highly close

@Glueisglue>My BFF in phil too

@MrOofington> A moderator in SP Philippines


@GreatWizard> Cool builder

@KDnotSpy> not quite close but we were friends

@Tsuchiisan> our fallen good friend

@Umbreonplant> a cool simple builder

@Lifewald> PSM lover

@Sukhoi47> he loves the Su-47 berkut

@SheriffHackdogMCPE> good friend also my BFF :)

@DangerRogue012607> good guy

@Sableric> friends even on discord

@Skam> friend

@Juno> good friend

@787DreamlinerA350> my close friend and ace combat fan too

@ThereIsNoahScape> he helps me reach 600 pts in the past months

@IMULAerospaceIndustries> not quite close through but a good friend

@KianPogi> good friend and discord friend

@Echostar> Friend

@WinsWings> he's really good and friendly

@Goshka> great friend

@scratch> cool friend

@XAircraftManufacturer> great guy with great builds

@Otana> cool builds

@Suubk27> friendly friend

@Sakorsky> good friendly guy

@xNotDumb> friend

@ComradeKaiser7> friend

@LarryTad> cool guy

@BeastHunter> he upvotes my planes he's a great friend

@JacksEpicGamingYT> My new friend

@X99STRIKER> friend

@KaiTheGuy8905> A cool user with great builds

@Gripen346> yep we met at @WolfHunter9111's Andrew project and currently a member of the story too and btw he's planes are quite (sorry for the word) badass planes its really cool

@Polish2> friendly guy

@MrCOPTY> Cool friend with great builds

@EasternPatrick> great guy with great builds

@Reen1> we met at his beautiful cool philippine jeep cool guy btw

And im sorry if i missed you in my Friends list

Im Junior highschool actually [2ND]

Some bronze?.....Unlocked
Some silver?......Unlocked (Thanks to @YYEE)
Some gold?......Unlocked (Thanks to my friends and comrades)
Some Platinum?......Unlocked (Tnx to all of you, also my best comrade @Icecraftgaming push me to platinum)


Love your builds and people's builds I'm a good friendly player too from the Philippines

Interested aircraft:

-B747-200 G-BDXJ
-F/A-18 Super Hornet
-TU-95 Bear
-SR-71 Blackbird
-F-22 Raptor
-Su-27 Flanker
-Su-30SM Flanker-H
-Su-35 Super Flanker
-Su-33 Sea Flanker
-Su-57 Felon
-Su-24 Fencer
-F-14 Tomcat
-Su-37 Terminator
and many more

Interested games:

-SimpleRockets 2
-Spaceflight Simulator
-Xplane mobile
-GTA San Andreas
-Need For Speed: Most Wanted (2005)

For some other point I'm highly interested in doing PSM in the game

And building a PSM plane

- SP Pilot characteristics

- Name: Rjente

- Age:

* 14yrs old

- Nicknames:

* Rjente06_1
* Two strikes kitten
* RJ06
* RJsus
* Little R
* Mad R kiddo
* The one that push limits

- Status: alive (currently retired in 3/14/2023)

- Occupation: Pilot/Builder/Leader/Captain

- Owned (Used) aircraft, watercraft, landcraft:

* Sukhoi SU-37 "Terminator"
* X-02AS Strike Wyvern (Removed)
* Su-27
* Su-27 ("not Mihaly")
* Su-30SM
* Mig-29
* F-15
* X-02s SW
* TVex9
* AG bomber
* F-14 TC
* L.Y.C.A.N
* F-9 ''White Wolf II''
* Su-57 "Felon"
* S.C Bomber
* 033H-F3 'Bliksem VI' Stealth Fighter
* NA-8 'Reformer'
* U.B.S Stealth fighter
* Lok-02 Orbmaster (C-17 GIII Modified ver)
* XC-40 (tanker+XV-40)
* AN-225 MYIRA (simple/1988 livery)
* A-10 "Warthog"
* G9 Eclipse
* 044H-B 'Ader'
* 011H-MR 'Torenvalk II'
* Mirage_2000
* F-22A "Raptor"
* GAH-25A+
* A-400m Atlas(Tanker)
* MV-22 F35B SH-60
* Mi-Mi-24 (SCP-1745 "The Phantom Helicopter")
* HK-589 Royal (Thrandgruil)
* Mitsubishi T-2
* OV-10 Bronco (Phil Army livery)
* F-8 Nightlight
* F-26C Dragon -PIXY-
* F/A-97 "Nightslave"
* XF-98 "Swingspin (Frisbee)"
* F/A-99 Stormranger
* Su-47 "Berkut"
* F-18 Super Hornet
* XFA-209as "Knightcloud"

(Bio) About Rjente:
-under my work on bio pls skip-

The phones and pc I've used

Huawei Y6 Pro (350 or 399 parts, little bit dead) [mainly used]

Oppo A71 (200 or 199 parts) [mainly used]

Tecno Pova 3 (3600 to 750 parts) [New used android XD]

Dell PC WIN 8.1 PRO (1150 parts used in building, editing, and chattin') [highly/sometimes used]

One last thing:
This is the Real me
(this is my pic. Which me and my Tomcat. Also going to school)

upvote is love <3

Previously known as: