29.9k CRJ900Pilot Comments

  • Advertisements 9 months ago

    I hate ads just as much as anyone, but I understand your position. I appreciate that you disabled them for logged in users

  • Caption This Photo! 2.4 years ago

    🎵 They ask you are you are and you have to say fine, even though your not really fine 🎵

  • 1.10 Beta is now available one month ago

    This changes everything! Such a minor update but groundbreaking at the same time. I have one question though: Is glass just a different version of each part, (nosecone, sphere, fuselage, etc) or does it have its own specific part?

  • Flying iPhone 5s 2.6 years ago


  • Airbus A330-343X Swiss International Airlines [LX] HB-JHA 1.1 years ago

    Swiss001 would like to know your location

  • I am AdlerSteiner, signing off 1.4 years ago

    Dont delete your stuff please

  • FAS 25A Tactical Reconnaissance Fighter 1.2 years ago

    Very nice! What Nasa quantum computer do you use???

  • New Team Member 1.3 years ago

    Sweet! I’d love to get mods in a stock game! What mods in particular? I would suggest XML, designer suite, and the underwater mod, but any mod coming to iOS would be a game changer

  • Funky Trees! 10 months ago

    With the addition of overload to the stock game, could everyone use these features? If so, could you write a cheat sheet with all the inputs and what they do? I’d also like to say thanks to everyone at Jundroo, these features are amazing and the game wouldn’t be anywhere close to where it is without you guys

  • this guy in minecraft chat 1.1 years ago

    You’re not just wrong, you’re stupid. (Not you the other person) They’re all great games, it just depends on what you want from them

  • Hollow fuselage weight (?) 1.5 years ago

    You actually bring up a really good point. @AndrewGarrison

  • A6M2 Zero 3 months ago

    Someone put a red sock in the wash lol

  • Google is Right! (BETTER SEE THIS!!) one year ago

    I’ve seen this a lot so I finally tried it out for myself. I can verify google is correct

  • JM-P15 'Brigade' 1.2 years ago

    Na this is a B-17 lol

  • CMRH-200 1.3 years ago

    Nice jet, but it needs to have cockpit windows. It looks strange without them

  • {Solved}How do I Unblock myself? 1.5 years ago

    What spefyjerbf said. You have to wait like 3 days

  • A new block "Decal Block" 8 months ago

    I think this would make the game too easy, but I do agree with the idea. Maybe system could groups many parts into a single one. This would save so many parts, because say if you have a logo with 50 parts, you could combine it into 1, thus reducing physics needed to simulate it, thus reducing lag

  • Update 1.9 - High Caliber 9 months ago

    I have a little issue concerning the overload settings for the cannon part. The issue is that there is no way to disable muzzle flash. Some cannons, mainly rotary cannons like the Gau Avenger and the M61 Vulcan don’t have a visible explosion. I’m no game developer, but I think it would be an easy fix.

  • TRCS-15 11 months ago

    Elon musk would like to know your location

  • Cessna 204 Skygoose 1.2 years ago

    Uhh, doors?

  • jet wings 1.2 years ago

    Awesome! I’d love to try one of these irl

  • APOCALYPSE AIR CAVALRY 1.2 years ago

    Ride of the valkeries intensifies

  • Japanese Super Pusher 2.2 years ago

    A short story of why to not buy planes from ikea
    Insert nose gear 3A into hole B in nose and bolt in place
    (Dumps out rest of the box)
    ”There is no nose gear 3A”!

  • U-2 "Dragon Lady" 2.2 years ago

    I never said I knew better. I can’t believe the words “I think...” mean so much to you. @BogdanX

  • How do i make custom landing gear 2.4 years ago

    Use a rotator on landing gear activation and use disabled aircraft collision parts for the gear itself

  • Has anybody seen this SP steam forum discussion? 2.4 years ago

    Two. Those are hearts. If your mad you usually don’t use hearts

  • Well guys... 2.5 years ago

    Rest In Peace. You should try to sue or get some kind of money out of the owners of the German Shepherds. Even if you get all the money in the world your dog probably meant more. I’m sorry for your loss

  • A suggestion that can prevent plagarism 2.6 years ago

    makes a unlisted to make a colab off of, start editing plane, find our you can’t post it TROLLED

  • HS class transport 5 months ago

    Mmm mint ice cream flavored

  • Plane 6 months ago

    I like it, I just haven’t seen any of them until now. Keep up the great work!

  • Dornier do.31 E3 Bundeswehr 6 months ago

    I saw mustards video too!

  • Cobra Manuever in an Airbus A340-600 6 months ago

    No! This isn't how you're supposed to play the game

  • i am extremely upset... 10 months ago

    Most users like to test a build before they upvote, and since the tanks use a mod and beta parts, very few people can actually use it

  • NEW RULES 10 months ago

    How would this work in regards to adding effects to images? Say a silhouette of the craft in front of a moon, or image effects not in the stock game (smoke, engine exhaust, etc.) I do understand the removal of the upvote link, but we need something to skip to the bottom of the page. Many users put long descriptions with lots of pictures, including me. It would be nice to skip that if one wanted too without scrolling

  • Who agrees with me on this? one year ago

    It all depends on the aircraft, the screenshots taken, and when the craft is posted. Users who put “CHALLENGE ENTRY” before builds usually reduce upvotes too


    Phew, and I thought I was all alone! I’ll be glad to help on this expedition! Just let me grab my common sense and factual science book, wait nevermind those aren’t important for this trip

  • F/A-87 Filibuster 1.2 years ago

    But it flops around when pitching and makes flying unenjoyable @Leehopard

  • Lets all find the truth about this why im being inactive posting airplanes.. 1.2 years ago

    You're not just wrong, you're stupid.

  • a better paint system 1.2 years ago

    I agree, but I think it wont be added because it "takes away creativity," or something like that. It would allow for much more detailed planes without the high part count. For example, take @jamesPLANESii 's recent Freedom Fox. Its a great plane and I love everything about it, but with a decal system like you're suggesting, it's 3338 part count could be reduced too about 500. Airliners, warbirds, cars, helicopters, and so many more creations would benefit from this. Besides, interiors and cockpits would also be greatly improved by this. @AndrewGarrison I know me and several other users have asked for this, but it would mean a lot if it were to be taken into consideration.

    Oh and sorry James for tagging you, but your opinion would be nice, even though this isn't my forum. But hey, your plane gets a shoutout :P

  • future plane 1.2 years ago

    Nice! I like the detachable cabin, definitely comes in handy when I’m about to crash lol

  • Cockpit aircraft instrument 1.3 years ago

    Amazing detail for such a low part count! Do you mind if I use this technique for some of my planes?

  • Area 51 Challenge [Closed] 1.3 years ago

    Gives me an excuse to build something stupid. I’m in!

  • HVRCS-3 1.3 years ago

    Great build! I love the combination of BogdanX’s skirt technique and your “electric” skills. Like Bogdan said, some extra details would be nice, but then again the function makes up for it. Maybe try a dedicated boat next, like a racing one. Just an idea

  • DiSpROviNG the CONSPIRACY! 1.3 years ago

    Naw this just two regular planes on top of each other

  • ARCCS-2 1.3 years ago

    Destroyer lives matter

  • Lockheed A-12 Oxcart 1.5 years ago

    Cool! The forgotten predecessor to the blackbird

  • Build Request: could use a license plate. 1.5 years ago

    Do 3JOH22A
    Read it backwards and you’ll get it

  • Not an RV-8 Livery Challenge Results!! 1.5 years ago

    No offense to winners, but I think some others should have came in higher places. I forgot the user, but it was painted to look like a Jolly Rogers F-14. That should have won because of the effort put in and attention to detail. Not to say that the Zero painted one or the Hellcat painted one don’t have either of those, but the Zero is a simple paint job and historically the Hellcat is painted wrong; it never had white control surfaces

  • XML 1.6 years ago

    You can’t xml one, you have to build one