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used to be known as Zoowarp, Here's why I changed my name


I make planes.... Yeh that's kind of why I'm here. I usually make replicas of existing designs because it's easier than building my own planes from scratch, though anyone with aspirations to build an airforce is welcome to come to me with requirements for an aircraft.

currently working on:

  • F-84 Thunderjet (and thunderstreak) (collaboration with @brians1209)

    this build is designed to test our technical knowledge and do something that, to the best of our knowledge has not been done before --- between 30 and 70% complete

  • A-21A-3

    likely to be my flagship build, its gonna take a while --- 0.1% complete

Planes on my to-do list

  • F-7C-M super hornet user requested
  • F3H Demon user requested
  • F9C-2 Sparrowhawk user requested
  • beechcraft model 18 user requested
  • USS Gerald R. Ford user requested
  • F/A-18c hornet user requested
  • F-4C (or E) phantom II user requested
  • su-25t frogfoot
  • sea hawk
  • A-10 Warthog
  • F-84 Thunderjet (In progress)
  • hawker hunter
  • Mitsubishi T-2
  • F4F wildcat
  • bf 109 series
  • Fw 190 d9
  • F-35 Lightning
  • C-17 Globemaster III
  • f-22 raptor
  • a21a-3 (in progress)
  • a21rb

shelved projects

  • Peel P50

    I have very limited car experience and this car just kinda... Didn't work. It was not the car for me to learn on and it was all sorts of bad so ive shelved it.

  • IKEA

    I kinda lost motivation. It was never fun really anyway but I might post the logo at some point

  • Saab Draken

    Didn't fly. I work on it occasionally but it just isn't fun to fly

complete aircraft catalog

here it be
(Please note that when there are multiple variations of the same aircraft I provide the link to the newest)

best build

MiG-21 Bis

Highest upvotes build


most underrated build

Global 7500 give it some love!

Pls note also that my highlighted planes are simply the ones I want to share, they are not necessarily my best work!!

i will be willing to help anyone who wants to tag me for help, as I want to give back to the community what they gave to me (thanks Mustang51 for giving my typhoon a shove into the sky and starting me off!)

Previously known as Zoowarp