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  • Some financial ideas for the site. 7 months ago

    Donations page and advertising yes... Money for account - no. There's no point and the community would shrink considerably.


    This is probably going to be controversial, but imma say it anyway because it's not likely to offend anyone.

    I think, with everyone getting angry over the upvote system, that we need a new system in addition to this. I propose the option to rate the aircraft in a series of categories, generating an overall rating for the aircraft. This isn't foolproof and wouldn't have helped the GC situation, but it can help eliminate some of the problems with upvoting at the moment.

  • Tu-95MS "Bear 7 months ago

    'we paid whole runway, we use whole runway'

  • R.I.P. 7 months ago

    ive had this happen so many times...

    couple of things you could try:
    1: regularly publish your creations unlisted
    2: copy the xml and bak files into a different folder - if this happens you can just copy them right back in
    3: make multiple saves of the same build, which reduces the risk of them all getting corrupted

    hope this helps

  • Multiplayer Glitch 7 months ago

    @rexzion no. the way is simply to install the yamato battleship that was made a couple of weeks ago and spawning that in. if it manages to actually load, I commend the server. 84 boom 50s generate significantly less lag than 1 yamato containing 20,000 parts worth of doom.

  • New moderator 7 months ago

    yes well done congrats (prays it wasnt him i accidentally blew up on mp last week)

  • Wuhu Island 8 months ago

    If the golf island isn't there I will be sad (upvotes anyway)

  • We need Hollow Glass parts!!! 5 months ago

    i think instead of concave parts there should be a 'negate' tool. that way we can make interiors easily while keeping the part count down

  • X-02 just did a 360 7 months ago

    i smell a gyroscope xD looks cool though

  • German Corsair 8 months ago

    @asteroidbook345 I don't know what you're talking about this is the peak of simppeplanes building skill

  • tank 8 months ago

    @Ploooperman jeez dont have an existential crisis or anything!!

  • Focke Wulf - Triebflugel 8 months ago

    'this plane is far from perfect' (just casually gets 3rd/4th highest voted plane in a year)

  • Edo-45 9 months ago

    @spefyjerbf um oh hi um it's cool I like it (tries to figure out what makes him special enough to be tagged)

  • Saab J-35F "Draken" 10 months ago

    @Hedero well...

    I managed to make a basic draken that cobras, but it does literally nothing else xD but it is quite fun to fly so might upload it

  • Where I've Been and Future Plans 10 months ago

    this was 2.5 years ago. come back mate we miss you

  • 1.10 Beta is now available 6 months ago

    @WNP78 any place where we can make suggestions on the content of the beta updates? I feel like with the community testing it would appreciate an area to come up with ideas for QoL improvements that doesn't involve content for future updates - a page directly involved with beta testing, if you will?

  • Delta 757-200 6 months ago

    'wont run on most devices'
    Avg 2fps in designer... So I decided to try and load the level.
    Big mistake.
    I had to re-install the map mod I was using because it completely broke jt

    Also 69th upvote

  • Bean 7 months ago

    the new german corsair has arrived

  • GERMAN CORSAIR 7 months ago

    Holup those are German cannons
    Did this actually exist?!

    Also no one seems to realise that the .50 cal gun layout and rockets, and engine are all closer resembling a thunderbolt? He built a thunderbolt and called it a corsair

  • German Corsair 7 months ago

    @Mickeymouse67 I just wanna point out that this has twice as many parts as your 172, and in 10 hours I managed to put 750 parts in a plane

  • Mod suggestions. 7 months ago

    could try a graphical mod - like a shader or something? advanced rendering was always buggy and has been broken for too long so that could be an idea? it could include advanced reflection rendering (including for the beacon light so people don't have to install a lights mod to access a build), and it could also bring together a couple of other mods such as your system time mod (toggleable in mod settings or something like that obviously) and a clouds mod, if you have already made one. It could also include advanced weather effects, graphical effects such as better explosion graphics (i believe you have already made this as a mod in the past?) and better tyre smoke and marks on things from wheel spin. i recognise that this is a pretty hefty mod to make, so i wouldn't expect you to even attempt it, but if i could make a mod this would be it. I would never be able to create it as my programming skills are way too basic and I don't have unity, so i come here.

    i commend you if you actually take the time to read this

  • Self-Folding Paper Plane 7 months ago

    The first popular sheet of paper in simpleplanes - well done!

  • P-51D-30 Mustang 7 months ago

    @Foxybill05 did i just get rick rolled....

  • Save the planes! 8 months ago


  • Minecraft Bee 8 months ago

    you need to make the stinger a nuke

  • Albatros D.Va (v1.0) 8 months ago

    @JaeBeansS apparently he got temp banned
    dunno why or if it is justified, but that is what I hear happened

  • Advanced Rendering 8 months ago

    shader is beautiful but for 2 things - it has a black screen when paused or camera disabled, and the sky is pink. Is there a fix for this? @mushr0om
    EDIT: only happens when custom camera is enabled in settings

  • YAMATO 1945 8 months ago

    @JediWolf oh... i think we've found the reason the servers where i am went down a couple of days ago...

  • How do you make large creations less laggy? 8 months ago

    Remove drag physics as that really helps, also disable collisions if there are loads of moving parts as collisions are very laggy

  • VTOL bomber 8 months ago

    I name this the 'democracy 100'

  • F-32 9 months ago

    Look at its face it looks so happy

  • Update 1.9.205 9 months ago

    @09thiccfish that was the longest sentence I've ever read

  • Futuristic Airliner Ideas 1.9 years ago

    engine between the vtail?

  • Advanced Building Guide 2.0 years ago

    I feel the same, but watching tutorials has taught me to be creative - use whatever you can get your hands on. Little details make a big difference. be picky.
    Also, download some advanced builds and explore them to see what tricks they use, but be prepared to spend at least 5 hours making some really advanced projects.
    Obviously I am nowhere near the standard you expected an answer from, but these are some of the things I use to help myself improve.
    If you are using mobile, some of the bigger builds might be very laggy, so beware...

  • Game breaker 2.0 years ago

    just to note: this thing will break the game, potentially corrupting files, so be careful with it and use it at your own risk

  • Where I've Been and Future Plans one month ago

    @AndrePlaysSP welp I tried

  • Steam Autumn Sale 3 months ago

    I'm still too poor xD

  • Supermarine Scimitar FG.2 5 months ago

    looks brilliant! also... might I recognise that gunsight maybe??? (totally not a hint)

  • AT-AT (All Terrain-Attack Thomas) 6 months ago

    Dear god

  • Magellan class battle ship 6 months ago

    It do be big though

  • Cake Air Force (Cake plane) 6 months ago

    Cake force one

  • ball 6 months ago


  • Me 262A-1a/U4 7 months ago

    @EngineerOtaku the bk5 was put in place while the lighter version of the mk 214 (the 214a) was being developed... and although recoil is present I don't think recoil would have been much of a problem because a pilot would only fire off one shot at a time.
    So I don't think the cannon itself was a concern.
    I built it off the 214 because this is supposed to be based on the production version.
    Thanks so much for the praise, and go for it!

  • Me 262A-1a/U4 7 months ago

    @MufazzalPasha tbf your plane was the main one I was trying to beat... I'm honestly not sure I did

  • Biplane Anyone? [TEASER] 7 months ago


  • ban me 7 months ago

    someone tag a mod

  • How do I walk? (Need help for my walker build) 7 months ago

    @Aldriech and it only took 7 hours

  • Can someone identify this? 7 months ago

    It's a c-76. It's the ugliest plane I ever did saw

  • some little question 7 months ago

    1: very
    2: depends... I just make things and they turn out however they turn out. Don't feel pressured to lower part count for the community.
    3: designer takes less processing power than in game. It will. Get windows and you can have more flexibility over what you can do to your system.

  • happy birthday to me :D 7 months ago

    Happy day of birth