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  • v1.7.1.0 - Minor update info 11 months ago

    1.8 Confirmed! SP isn't dead yet! :D

  • Uh Oh... 6 months ago


  • Sodium chloride one month ago

    T A B L E S A L T

  • My own suggestion for the next update 2 months ago

    Or at the very least, expand the limit to like, 50 or 100 instead of 10.

  • The Lamest Beta Ever 2 months ago

    "Game engines are like people in that they can get old and crusty if you don't update them often."
    I have 2 questions:
    1: How do game engines get crusty?
    2: How do you update people?

  • B-52X 2040 2 months ago

    How'd you get the muzzle flash of the 120mm howitzer?

  • Hot Air Balloon 2 months ago

    That's cool and all but....
    Can it go Mach 4?

  • Ugandan Chungles 3 months ago

    We started 2018 with Uganda Knuckles, and we'll start 2019 again with.... reincarnated Uganda Knuckles....

    This meme just won't die lol...

  • Alaska Q400 Stolen|You Can't Make this Up 8 months ago

    GTA V in real life...

  • I have 100% definitely figured out what I’m gonna build now. (Not a twin otter! XD) 10 months ago

    Very very excited for Deadstick. The thing about Deadstick is it's geared strictly toward a niche part of real life flying and virtual flying: Bush flying! You won't find jets or flight levels in this sim. It's all low and slow, stick-and-rudder flying, as well as dead reckoning. You can do bush flying in FSX/P3D or XP11, but Deadstick is doing it at a MUCH finer level than any other sim. In Deadstick, you'll have an avatar/character that can get out of the cockpit and walk around the aircraft to perform maintenance, load/unload cargo manually, pre-flight, etc. and the aircraft, while fictional and being heavily inspired by the Piper Super Cub, is going to be study-level like A2A. This means random failures can happen and things can go wrong not only by how well you fly the airplane, but how you maintain it and take care of it as well. Deadstick will also feature a fictional environment that's heavily inspired by Idaho and Alaska. It will also feature dynamic, ever-changing weather. The detail in Deadstick overall is going to be far greater than FSX, P3D, FSW, or XP11. And the developer said as the game goes on more aircraft/bush planes will be added.

  • SimpleRockets 2 Mobile Beta one year ago


    Second Glance: Wait.....

    Third Glance/Realization: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Everyone's dreaming of 1.8 3 months ago

    I think some realistic possibilities for 1.8 are:

    1. Hollow fuselages
    2. Glass/transparent fuselages
    3. Improved flying AI (too predictable in dogfights; keeps using the same tactics)
    4. Another island (possible but unlikely)
    5. Extra control sliders (like VTOL and trim sliders)
    6. Maybe, but just maybe we could see AI turrets that can be added to your build.
    7. Oh yea, make AG-9 a darn action group!
    8. Extra weapons or new gizmos

    At this point I don't see MP ever being officially added to SP, which isn't too bad as the MP mod is fairly fine.

  • [WEBW]F-16 cockpit Simulator 4 months ago

    Beautiful! Although I have to ask....


  • Wanna hear a joke? 10 months ago

    Wanna hear a joke?

    Flat Earthers

  • Wright Bay Incident 10 months ago

    I know many don't like the RP in the SP forums but can you at least tolerate the really well-done RP's like this? This is a good example of a detailed RP.

  • Jundroo, please explain. >:( 10 months ago

    We should also have AG-9 as an extra activation group. Why isn't 9 used?

  • Celebrities 1.1 years ago

    He got a ton of heat when he made a Trump 757 and a political war erupted in the comment section...so...yea....

  • Outlets VS Inlets Team Challenge 25 upvote prize 1.2 years ago

    That feeling when you want to submit an entry....but doing so will reveal too many secrets on my radically new weapon.......

  • UFO 1.3 years ago

    Whats this I smell? A new meme coming along?

  • Luft-Waffle 1.4 years ago

    Ah so this is what Hitler used to escape to the moon!

  • The Quality You’ve All Been Asking For 12 days ago

    Wow it's amazing how mobile friendly this is despite the incredibly high +5,000 part count!

  • Happy Sad To Be Single Day! 2 months ago

    Eh, I never really cared for being in a relationship, at least, not while I'm still in school.

    The only relationship I'm seeking is to be in the left seat of a Beechcraft 99 in the future. ;)

  • My own suggestion for the next update 2 months ago

    Although window/transparent fuselage blocks would be nice.

  • sad 2 months ago

    And some crabby rave boi

  • What's everyone's dream car? 5 months ago

    The Aerocar?

  • F117 is a stealth plane 6 months ago

    When I was a kid and I first saw the F-117, it looked like a flying mountain top to me. XD

  • Archetype 6 months ago

    This thing is absolutely freaking terrifying...

    An unmanned UCAV that can fly forever, armed with a powerful destructive laser that can wipe out a fleet in no time flat....

    Just... incredibly...

  • Quiz) What company in the world makes games well? 6 months ago

    Jundroo & SCS Software are the best game/software developing companies I've ever seen and I'm happy to support them.

  • ITS MY BRRRRRRRT DAY!!! 7 months ago

    Hey happy BRRRRRT day! Would you like a cake with some extra freedom & democracy?

  • The End Of DogFight... 7 months ago

    Yup. The future of aerial warfare is missiles. Why do you need super-maneuverability when you'll have insanely fast and agile missiles? Not to mention missiles are only becoming more smarter, precise, accurate, and more difficult to evade.

    This is why the USN and USAF aren't concerned about super-maneuverability with their F/A-XX and F-X 6th gen fighter programs. The next generation of fighters will focus on speed, range, stealth, electronic warfare capabilities, lasers, and having a much bigger missile payload.

    The days of dog-fighting and aerial gun-slinging are over.

  • Kerbahedron 8 months ago

    I think I'll call it Bob.

  • P-51 Mustang 8 months ago

    If the tail was smaller, this would be really great.

    Kinda looks like a cross between a P-51 and a Curtiss Helldiver.

  • I HAVE NO HOPE 9 months ago

    I've never had a girlfriend and honestly I don't want to get into a relationship until I have a good career and I have my own place and I'm financially sound. Currently still in HS and trying to focus on my future flying career and college, I don't need to be in a relationship this early.

  • Caption This Photo! 10 months ago

    Is that a..... MiG-21...... drowning?

  • Airport Pushback Tractor 10 months ago

    Just hide the pain Harold.... hide the pain...

  • Advanced Targeting one year ago


  • Thunder Strike Mission one year ago

    Two Words: SAM CITY
    Those freaking SAMS are nuts!

    Also how do you make these missions? I'd love to make WW2 style missions that follow a campaign.

  • Can Someone Please Specify What the Electric SP Tag Means/Includes? 3 days ago

    Well everyone has their own unique style of doing things. And this was a mere concept of mine; not a fully fledged-out model like my latest QLX-125, BAE Broadsword, or BNRV-36A Broadsword where those models took around 2 months each to develop (time constraints). Like I said if you want to be die-hard focused on definitions and specifics, fine, you do you, but don't force it on others.

  • Can Someone Please Specify What the Electric SP Tag Means/Includes? 3 days ago

    GOODNESS GRACIOUS ITS A CONCEPT! OF COURSE SP DOESN'T HAVE ELECTRIC ENGINES OR PROPULSION SO I USED THE VTOL ENGINE + NOZZLES AS A SUBSTITUTE! Will you just drop this nonsense already? Your acting like I just committed a major sin in SP building! Again, I included the electric tag because the idea behind it utilizes some form of electric propulsion. Don't you know what role-playing or using your imagination is?

  • SimpleBell 28 days ago


  • Firehound 2 months ago

    OH that. I basically spawned two Firehounds as AI planes on final approach to Wright and took pictures of them together. I also used the zoom-free-camera mod to zoom in on them.

  • The Design that Just Keeps on Giving 2 months ago

    You have no idea how insanely agile this beast is. It puts Huginn and Muninn from AC7 to shame.

  • You Know that Non-Flying Bell Helicopter Model I Made Not Too Long Ago? 2 months ago

    Yea it's definitely daunting at first. That's why I originally went for SP instead of Blender to create 3D airplane designs. But now that I've learned most of the features with Blender, I'm seriously thinking of trying my hand at creating a fully-functioning airplane model for FSX.

  • Shortsword 2 months ago

    Thanks for the upvotes!

  • MIK GA2 TwinLine 2 months ago

    Nice, reminds me of the Cessna 310!

  • How Do You Make a Realistic Fighter Plane Body? 3 months ago

    Using more fuselage blocks is a good start.

  • A plane lands on a beach. This is what happened to it's pilot: 3 months ago

    News: "A twin-engine cessna has crashed-landed on a beach"
    Shows a Cessna 172 on the beach intact

  • What high wing twin turboprop should I build? 3 months ago

    A Cessna SkyCourier would be great.

  • Fieseler Fi 156 "Storch" 3 months ago

    I Love this plane; STOL before it was cool!