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My Personal Quote/Motto/Slogan/Philosophy for Building and Perfecting a Good and Functional Design or Idea:

"You Trial and Error Until There are No Errors Left to Trial."

Ever since I was a kid, aviation has been my passion my whole life so far. At first I liked airplanes and aviation in general along with trains, semi trucks, farming vehicles, etc., but what launched/boosted me into aviation was when I received FSX Standard in 2009 for my birthday, and when I started to check out military aircraft books from my school library (before I knew the internet). FSX was a huge contribution to my knowledge and understanding of aviation, and deepened my passion for flying. Eventually I decided to make aviation my future career. Not only did I enjoy flying, whether simulated or real flying, but I LOVED creating my own airplane designs, well before I knew Simpleplanes. I started creating designs with plain paper+pencil, eventually moved on to MSpaint (making Bagera3005-style aircraft blueprints), and then I started searching for a game or 3D modelling program to bring my designs to another dimension. I actually knew about Simpleplanes since 2015, but only recently did I get a Steam account and was able to buy the game and was finally able to design my airplanes in 3D AND fly them! (YAY)

I'm aiming for a flying career, whether with a Part 135 carrier like Ameriflight or with an airline such as Horizon Air (my favorite airline) or Jetblue, and I'm due to start flight training shortly. I've also expanded my horizons to include the possibilities of going into Air Traffic Control or some sort of Aviation/Aerospace Engineer at a company like Boeing.

Favorite Aircraft (My List is HUGE):
Cessna 185 (All-Time Favorite) (The epic buzz-saw prop sound is one reason she's my favorite!)
Maule M7
Cessna 172
Cessna 310 B & Q Models (Favorite Twin)
Mooney M20
Beechcraft Bonanza
Beechcraft Baron
Beechcraft King Air (Favorite Turboprop)
Aero Commander 500 Family
Murphy Rebel
The Raptor
Zenith CH-750
Vans RV-7/7A
Vans RV-10
Glasair Sportsman
North American P-51D Mustang (Favorite WW2 Aircraft)
North American B-25 Mitchell
Boeing B-29 SuperFortress (Probably My Favorite WW2 Bomber)
Grumman F6F Hellcat
Northrop P-61 Blackwidow (Favorite Twin-Engined WW2 Fighter)
Bombardier Dash-8 Family (Favorite Regional Airliner)
Bombardier CRJ700
Embraer E-Jet Family
Boeing 737 Family (Favorite Airliner)
Boeing 747 Family
Douglas DC-3 (Favorite Classic)
MD/Boeing F-15 Eagle (Favorite Fighter)
Bell/Boeing V-22 Osprey
Lockheed Martin SR-71 Blackbird
MD/Northrop YF-23 Blackwidow II (Favorite Stealth Fighter)
Lockheed Martin F-35
Lockheed Martin F-22A Raptor
Lockheed Martin F-16 Fighter Falcon
Lockheed Martin S-3 Viking
Grumman F-14D Super Tomcat

I am also an avid Ace Combat fan, and a proud Conservative Christian!

My fictional Aerospace companies that I control, with top being my main company:

Pavelanian Aircraft Company (PAC)

1918 - Present

Aircraft in Production (As of 1943):
P1B Eagle; Civilian
P1B Eagle Crop Duster; Civilian
P1C Eagle; Civilian
P1C Eagle; Military
P1C Firebird; Civilian -Best Seller!
P2B Dragonfly; Civilian
P2C Dragonfly; Civilian
B2B Dragonfly; Military
B2C Dragonfly; Military
B2C Dragonfly Revamped; Military -Best Seller!
P3A Buzzard; Civilian
P3A Buzzard Crop Duster; Civilian
P4B Rocket Pigeon; Civilian
P4C Super Pigeon; Civilian
P5A Puffin; Military/Civilian
P5B Puffin; Military/Civilian -Best Seller!
P6B Merlin; Military
P6C Super Merlin; Military
C7A Samson; Military/Civilian -Best Seller!
P7A Samson; Civilian -Best Seller!

P1 Eagle Floats Kit

Projects/Aircraft in Development:
YP8A Night Panther
YB7A Samson

Proud Partners:
N&N Aeromotors
Pratt & Whitney
Wright Aeronautical
Rolls Royce

Nordan Aircraft
Douglas Aircraft Company
The Boeing Company
North American Aviation
Hawker Aircraft

Nordan Aircraft (NA)

1934 - Present

Aircraft in Production (As of 1943):
NA-1 White Bliss; Civilian
NA-2 Swallow; Military -Best Seller!
NA-3 Lark; Military -Best Seller!

Aircraft Engines:
Nordan V8 AeroHorse
Nordan V12 AeroWolf

Projects/Aircraft in Development:
NA-4 Storm Petrel
NA-5 Night Owl

Pavelanian Aircraft Company (PAC)
Douglas Aircraft Company
The Boeing Company
North American Aviation
Hawker Aircraft

Renston Aircraft Industries (RAI)

1918 - Present

Aircraft in Production:
RI-1 Gnat; Military
RI-2 Flydo; Military
RI-3 Bee; Military
RI-3 Super Bee Mk.II; Military
RI-3 Ultra Bee Mk.III; Military
RI-4 Moth; Military

Projects/Aircraft in Development:
RI-5 Dominater-Class Airship

N&N Aeromotors

1918 - Present

Aircraft Engines in Production:
NR-2 Radial
NP-3 V6
NR-4 Wasp Junior Radial (Licensed-Built Pratt & Wittney R-985 Wasp Junior
NR-5 Double Wasp Radial (Licensed-Built Pratt & Wittney R-2800 Double Wasp
NP-6 V12 Merlin (License-Built Rolls Royce Merlin)

Proud Partners:
Pratt & Whitney
Rolls Royce

Remmington Shipbuilding (Obviously builds ships)

1823 - Present

Ships Built:
PNV Voyager (PCV-1); Military
PNV Voyager (No Mods); Military

Some things I do:



World of Trucks

I Create Freeware Airport Scenery for FSX: PNW Simulations

Current Major Projects:

NA-4 Storm Petrel Fighter: 100% (Creating Preview Pics & Gifs and Pending Upload)

P8 Night Panther (Project On Hold): 65%

NA-5 Night Owl (Project On Hold): 3%

B7A Samson Bomber (Project On Hold): 0%

Special Gold Build (Project On Hold): 0%

Best Buddies & People I have Collaborated With

Collaborated Builds
Vonteco/PAC Manta Ray (Texasfam04 Collab)