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If your wondering why my profile pic suddenly changed to a duck, it's because SP is currently experiencing a duck- I mean ducc invasion... lol

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Hello there, thanks for stopping by! I'm just your average teen with an obsession and passion for aviation. I've loved airplanes since I was a kid and I'm aiming for a career as a commercial pilot. Along with flying I also LOVED designing my own airplanes. In elementry and middle school I was known as the "airplane guy" and despite my young age back then, I already knew how to fly an airplane by 12, and I already knew MANY different airplanes. Show me an airplane and I'll identify it! Before SimplePlanes I used your simple ruler, pencil, and graph paper to draw airplane blueprints. I joined SP because I wanted to bring my airplanes to 3D and make them more life-like. I thought of Blender or other 3D programs, but I settled on SimplePlanes because I can also fly my designs!

I'm also an avid Ace Combat and Yukikaze fan and I'm a proud Conservative Christian. Have a fantastic day and God bless! 😊

Roleplaying Companies:

Rainier Aerospace Manufacturing of aerospace products such as aircraft, weapons, and systems. Currently defense industry only; expected to expand into the civilian aviation industry and eventually the space industry.

Redux Aeromotors Civilian automobile division currently R&D-ing flying car concepts.

Rainier Air Services A division providing a range of air services and charters including transportation, flight training, mid-air-refueling, aerial/terrain surveying, atmospheric observation, chase/observation aircraft, threat simulation, and aerial aggressor/adversary support.

.-. .- .. -. .. . .-. / .- . .-. --- ... .--. .- -.-. . / -....- / -- --- ... . ... / .-.. .- -.- . --..-- / .-- .- ... .... .. -. --. - --- -. / -....- / ..- ... .-

Rainier Aerospace Products:


BNRV-36A Broadsword; 5th generation strike fighter for Vanadia Air Force.
Rainier/BAE Systems Broadsword; A cancelled highly-specialized British F-36 variant that was to be built in a limited batch by BAE Systems for the British Intelligence Service, aka "SIS" or "MI6".
Rainier QLX-125 Ghost; A 5th generation experimental carrier-borne light-attack UCAV.
Rainier Greenhorn; A proof-of-concept demonstrator aircraft & Rainier's first general aviation design.
Rainier X-52 Mach Breaker; A pure-bred experimental aircraft intended to set a world record as the fastest piston-engine aircraft and reach Mach 1 (speed of sound).

Land Vehicles:

Rainier Grizzly MPAT-V; The multi-purpose, all-terrain vehicle, or MPAT-V is a large off-road truck capable of being reconfigured for multiple roles such as transport, medevac, air-defense, and artillery.
Rainier Jaeger A-AADS; An advanced, "all-aspect" air defense system that combines guns, missiles, and kinetic-kill micro missiles for a powerful combination of airspace defense. Entire system is mounted & integrated on a Grizzly MPAT-V truck.

Weapons & Systems:

Realistic Default SP Missiles (AIM-120C, AIM-9X, AGM-114)
British Missile Tri-Pack (Meteor, AIM-132, Brimstone)
Rainier Enclosed Weapon Pods™

Redux Aeromotors Products:

Wraith Flying Car Demonstrator; A proof-of-concept flying car converted from the chassis/body of a Dodge M4S Turbo Interceptor. Original car made by TakicraftCorporation.

Current Projects/Priorities:

CIM-125 Killspeed HVMM (100% Complete; Pending Upload...)
BQM-165 Midge (80% Complete)
RQ-140 Sprite (50% Complete)
RQ-142 Pixy (50% Complete)
RQ-150 Fairy (50% Complete)
RQ-120 Wisp (70% Complete)
X-61 GEHAC (95% Complete)
X-63 GEHAC Revolution (75% Complete)
Rainier Aerospace Website (0% Complete)
Moses Lake Flight Center (FSX Only) (65% Complete)
VR-1 Slinger (80% Complete)

Later Projects:
X-67 LOReB
MQ-115 Jackalope
MQ-155 Amarok
X-66 HWB Demonstrator
Weasel UTV
Ermine UCGV
BQM-85/QLX-85 Goblin II (Project on Hold Indefinitely)
X-65 Redback (Project on Hold Indefinitely)
F-36A Broadsword (Project on Hold Indefinitely)
YF-36 Flight Test Program (Project on Hold Indefinitely)
F-36XC Edge (Project on Hold Indefinitely)