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Hello there, thanks for stopping by! I'm just your average teen with an obsession and passion for aviation. I've loved airplanes since I was a kid and I'm aiming for a career as a commercial pilot. Along with flying I also LOVED designing my own airplanes. In elementry and middle school I was known as the "airplane guy" and despite my young age back then, I already knew how to fly an airplane by 12, and I already knew MANY different airplanes. Show me an airplane and I'll identify it! Before SimplePlanes I used your simple ruler, pencil, and graph paper to draw airplane blueprints. I joined SP because I wanted to bring my airplanes to 3D and make them more life-like. I thought of Blender or other 3D programs, but I settled on SimplePlanes because I can also fly my designs!

I'm also an avid Ace Combat and Yukikaze fan and I'm a proud Conservative Christian. Have a fantastic day and God bless! 😊

I currently role-play with Rainier Aerospace.

.-. .- .. -. .. . .-. / .- . .-. --- ... .--. .- -.-. . / -....- / -- --- ... . ... / .-.. .- -.- . --..-- / .-- .- ... .... .. -. --. - --- -. / -....- / ..- ... .-

Rainier Aerospace:


(None Currently Publicly Released)

Current Projects:

F-36 Program (Remaster of JED's F-36; Currently in Flight Testing Stages)
QF-85 Program (In-progress, 3x prototypes complete, in flight testing stages, )
QF-65 Program (in-progress; 2x prototypes complete; X-65 & QFX-65; Currently on Hold)

The only 3 replicas I will be doing are as follows:

  • XF-0002 Phosphorus (Gold Build)
  • Metal Sonic (10k build I guess)
  • Murphy Rebel/N8499Q Bush Plane (Just a fun replica of a friend's plane IRL)