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Hello m8t's

I build a variety of aircraft, including fighters, bombers, mostly airliners, and some spaceships.

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~~What I am currently working on~~
Boeing 737-500: 90% Under Construction
McDonnel Douglas F/A-18E Super Hornet: 35% Under Construction
~~What I am currently working on~~

~~A little about me~~
I like planes
I also like this game, and many others like it
I live in the great motherland of Texas on some floating blue round thing
~~A little about me~~

Youtube: Link
Steam: Link
Follow me on Twitter: Link
PSN ID: BaconAndEggs96 [PS4] (Currently inactive, but that'll soon change)

Back in 2015, I was searching the amazon appstore for a flight simulator, and I found SimpleRockets. I loved that game, and I had played it more in the first week than any other game I had. I soon found out there was another game, called SimplePlanes. I built my first plane, and i was surprised to see it fly. I started scrolling down and I found this website, I had downloaded 2 planes, which I can't link anymore due to their age. School was almost out, and I was ready to have a great summer with this game. I never planned to have this many followers, I wanted to just be a smaller user, somewhere around 50-100 followers and under the plat rank. Well, i can at least thank the people who do notice me, it's been fun, and I can't wait for what comes next.

~~Awesome people~~
~~Awesome people~~

That's all, down here isn't anything