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Quantity is something you count, quality is something you count on.

I build airliners
I also build Star wars ships
I can build mechs but I don't, now that changes
What, were you expecting something funny?

Report your concerns or issues here

F-22 Raptor: 100% Finished!
NCC-1701 USS Enterprise: 100% Finished!
Md-11: 100%
Jeremy's P-45: 0%
F-16 Falcon: 0%
Lexus LFA '10: 0%
Boeing 727-200: 5%
F-15C Eagle: 0%

~~A little about me~~

I like planes and that's all

My main airport I travel through: KAUS (Austin Bergstrom International Airport)

~~A little about me~~

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PSN ID: BaconAndEggs96 [PS4]

I was a normal kid in middle school looking around the Amazon Appstore for a good flight simulator, and found SimpleRockets. I had a great time playing around with the game, and then realized they have other games. I checked out Bridge Basher, and Simpleplanes, which I soon found a strong passion for. I played it before and after school sessions, found new things left and right, I was a happy kid. I then found something big. The community. This was around when 1.1 was new, with the rotators, and detachers introduced. I downloaded a few planes, had some fun, threw some hands, had a fun time. I then registered as "BaconAndEggs96", and from there, I just did what I did.

~~Awesome people~~
~~Awesome people~~

That's all, down here isn't anything