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G’Day to whoever is reading this!

Notes about me:
I've played since 1.1 way back in 2015
I'm Aussie, hence why I use lots of RAAF roundles
I love planes
I build Model Planes (Feel Free to ask me questions about Plane Modeling)
And I play War Thunder and Ace Combat 7 on my EggsBox

Also I'm not the best iOS builder but this is easily the game I spend the most time on. Since 1.9 my YEEPad has become my gaming pc, that is because i never had one

Phabulous Phriends

I'll add links soon, for now use your bloody search bar

KoR - Intergalactic space boi
WiiMini - RIP
XP - an
Hedero - Epic builder
Diloph - Got shout out from anti-social social club man
thebanbehindtheslaughter - 'ery noice, RIP alt text
Mustang51 - Very smart bloke
rexrexthezion - Test before upvote or else you go to brazil
QuitePossiblyMangled - Went to Brazil due to WiiMini, then I sent him to North Korea on accident, I think he's back now :)))
BelugaSub - not a beluga

Thanks for reading! Check out some of my aircraft below.

Previously known as Alta2809, KangaKangaTheRoo, KangaKangaTheRedNosedRoo