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I am incredibly busy IRL rn and possibly will be for the following months to come depending on how things go here in a few weeks, I do apologize I will not have time to respond to most messages or reports

Hello! Welcome to my profile/home page! If you like general aviation, you've come to the right place!
Here you will find a large (or not so large) variety of GA aircraft, from business jets to simple two seat single engine aircraft.
Like said above I typically build general aviation but I have however made a couple of airliners in the past along with a few helicopters, and a couple of WWII related builds

”I don’t always post a plane, but when I do, it’s a ludicrously high part count GA aircraft”
(I also don’t upload regularly or on any kind schedule, and if you need anything from me, may be a while before I get back to ya as I’m pretty busy IRL most days flying for a small carrier)

ERJ-170 / 175 FO 😎
(Soon TM)

Also I'm on steam as well!
Link to my steam page
(If you do send a friend request to me in steam, please let me know what your SP username is, thanks!)
I do have an alt account where I'm going to put my MP or not-so-great builds into
link to the MP/not so great build account
I also have a SR2 profile/homepage too (nothing there at the moment)
Link to my SR2 homepage/profile

Good friends:
BaconAircrap- I mean BaconAircraft
Barron Von Cat
Random ikea employee
man with no friends (jk lol)
Crazy F-14 person

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You can (not) get a bird strike from behind - BA

Heheh Tri-Pacer does not go brrrrr -DD