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Jåmëß thê plãne kïñg¡¡¡

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<-- Now No.1 after Delphinus deleted their account!

The reason why my name is jamesPLANESii
-My name is James.
-I like planes.
-This is my second account called "JamesPLANES".
-I forgot the password to that account.

Steam name: VWSciroccoFelllla (That's 4 Ls)
I am 15 and come from New Zealand.
My gender is aeroplane.
I am also planesexual.
I have been an aviation nerd since I was only 4 years old.
I specialize in prop driven aircraft.
I also like cars.
Especially the VW Scirocco and the KTM X-Bow.
I am a member of the SP Masters.
My favourite plane is the Antonov AN-2.
Forejoy my profile.

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