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(I am currently inactive, but only on the site. I don't have any plans to return here, but I may or may not be seen in MP or helping others with stuff now.)

Hello random traveler!
You may have noticed that I had joined a while ago, and that was back then when I had SimplePlanes on a tablet, which broke the same year :(
I came back to SimplePlanes in the middle of 2019 with a new device (a 2016 iPhone SE) and I will try to stay pretty active posting all sorts of creations of mine. I switched to mainly building on PC due to battery issues on the phone, but I guarantee all the builds here will be mobile friendly.
I usually make an airplane every few days, but that may be extended sometimes.
Most of my planes will be fictional prewar to WWII stuff that were "designed" in that era, but I will probably try to move out of that soon with more modern stuff, as well as helicopters and other vehicles sometime in the future.

About my planes: I like building simple, there’s a charm to it in my opinion. That’s why you never see decals on my stuff. (Feel free to add your own lol)

About me:
- My favorite airplane is the SBD Dauntless, the greatest cheese grater
-I am located somewhere in the Pacific NW
- I happen to be into designing RC airplanes so some designs may be proof of concept creations for those
- My pfp is from my Drawception account
- I am also into drawing things, Pokemon, War Thunder, Half Life, and fishkeeping.

Reached Bronze: Ever since posting the Black Eagle A-1
Won my first challenge: 5/8/20
Reached Silver: 5/8/20
2000 points: 6/30/20
3000 points: 8/8/20
4000 points: sometime in October 2020
Gold: 10/25/20
Won 3rd in Dogfight Challenge: 12/24/20
10k Points: Sometime in July 2021
50 followers: 12/13/21 (I think)

(I can take requests for fictional WWII aircraft if you like, just don't be too crazy)
That's it I guess