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  • Why? 23 days ago

    because they are weeaboos. its an unfortunate disease, which currently has no cure, fortunately some of these people can recover to watching good content.
    we must support them still as how else could they recover.
    edit i got to the end of this and forgot what i was on about at the start

  • CLICK BAIT!!! DO NOT CLICK!!! 2 months ago

    I read what it said.
    I acknowledged what it said.
    I guessed what would happen.
    and i still clicked it

  • Everything and everyone in SP is AWESOME one month ago

    Best part of simple planes is the community.
    edit: sadly not, a minority of this community caused it to crash and burn

  • sea spider monster plugin 7 months ago

    ichthyoarachnophobia intensifies

  • VTOL Spitfire 2 months ago

    im very scared

  • New XML properties 4 months ago

    I recommend googling it/ searching it on the search in sp also more recently new xml properties were added for bombs that may still be in forums @SomethingIDontKnow

  • Simple Planes, SR2 and the Way Ahead one year ago

    Honestly currently I don't think they compare at all, simple planes is better for fine creations with finnicky parts. I tried on sr2 but the mirroring tools aren't good, furthermore you cant export models and lastly you can't Xml mod, this has become one of my favourite aspects of sp honestly me and impactForce are best friends. In addition sr2 requires a Lotttttt more processing power, my simple planes can handle about 1-1.5k parts MAX, whilst my sr2 can barely handle a basic space ship.

    On the contrary I agree, the games should stay separate I've already payed (only a tiny discount in the bundle at the time) for the full version of the games, as they're both great for their desired aspects, sr2 performs great for space travel whilst sp cant scrape it. Also the plane aspects in sr2 are a LOT harder to use.

    And for a possible money maker, They could start making official mods (dlcs) like underwater has been made and with all the underwater terrain ALREADY MADE by the devs why not add some underwater engines throw in underwater vision and maybe some real underwater weapons. you get the idea. this isn't (relative compared to moving the community to sr2) hard at all, even then the mod creators would likely be happy to help develop parts and locations. And charge small money for some of these and you could help satisfy the community.

    I feel like i stopped making sense about halfway through the post, oh well.

  • can i just say one year ago

    I wish there was a way to remove the base of beacon lights.

  • RE: Silver users going gold. 1.2 years ago

    Note to self do none of this stuff and I should be fine

  • Something Happened... 2 days ago

    so this is how finetuner multi select works

  • The Final SimplePlanes Weekly, with Awsomur. 5 days ago

    It's sad to see you go, and the SPW. The community needs a social restructuring. And a lot of the longstanding pillars have broken. People have changed and i'm glad I wasn't here to witness it.

  • Is my engine detailing that bad....... 23 days ago

    i agree with @Brendorkus you havent been here long so don't stress. detailing takes dedication and practice. on the whole use fuselage. but make sure to recycle parts of builds that went well and use them as parts. also importantly, use overload to its fullest extent, have a go at using odd parts like rotators as battery's etc, changing sizes of less used parts can add nice effects.

  • What should the team of mods be called? 10 months ago



    or even better



    or lastly



  • for some reason my less than 200 part plane suddenly is 2100+ 10 months ago

    ok, in simple, if there is any tiny parts in the centre of a build it duplicates at an exponential amount.


    0.01 x 0.01 x 0.01 fuselage placed on the plane of symmetry for some reason when any mirroring (even just mirror part) duplicates. then the duplicated parts duplicate essentially FOR EXAMPLE

  • Is it time for me to EVOLVE?!!??!? one year ago

    Ducc cos geese are scary

  • Simple Girl 2 10 days ago

    keywords in the comment section atm, weeb, pale, simp. and i can't disagree, nonetheless an impressive build.

  • The fact that your plane has a nuclear explosion whenever you hit something or tap your prop on the ground in SP is obsolete and infuriating. one month ago

    I kinda like some of the physics, I think scratch marks for light damage on a part would be nice, maybe some holes. But that may end up looking a bit meh. And honestly I love doing trench run and catching a single bit of fuselage and watching half my plane fall off (sarcasm)

  • [Teaser] you decide p2 10 months ago

    Thanks! @HarryBen47 @PositivePlanes @Thelegitpilot13

  • Human stupidity amuses me. one year ago

    I thought those things were only found in legends. Such stupidity is unrivalled! Quite spectacular!

  • Tie Crawler one year ago

    Thanks for all the updoots everyone

  • Player content feature is a great initiative 4 days ago

    @JustDatGuy woah. no. this is my mobile user pet peeve. honestly you can through different ways. admittedly they are vastly more complicated but at the end of the day you pay less, you get less. I wish no ill will but even with worse images builds still garner attention, and usually equal to normal builds. the important part is standing out

  • Adressing the Upvote Issue 12 days ago

    honestly as a medium skilled gold player, i value upvotes as a compass, what worked well and where to work to, I don't focus on downloads because it has a smaller font and realistically its only based off how well i got an image of the build,
    also the users who keep saying theres a bias are beginning to get annoying bc ofc there is, these giant users have made supportive friends, been involved in the community and overall have a high average build quality. but they have worked for it so, they reap the rewards of their constant all around hard work.
    i honestly cant wait for this upvote "issue" to be over, they worked well for years before i joined the website, and can always continue on.

  • Wow ..... I am gold. 2 months ago

    @Inviticus agreed, dark mode is infinitesimally better

  • Wright Exo-Rover 3 months ago

    Thanks! @Evenstsrike333 @Feanor

  • linu - ver - 1.1 3 months ago

    Wow. I never understood walkers and I thought I got a bit of understanding on funky trees (now I doubt that). This is an amazing build! Well done!

  • Basic math and the corona virus 5 months ago

    Ok. Well admittedly it’s a very underwhelming disease compared to its expectation, health officials of: professional doctors, virologist, head pharmaceutical company leaders/ head researches and many many up more health professionals have guess roughly 75.63 million (It might have been 65 but still) deaths, and not pleasant ones, true it is nearly useless against healthy humans, a weakened immune system means coronavirus has a higher ability to infect and kill, so it piggybacks on other diseases attacks, injuries etc. Overall it is unlikely to mass spread but for the very young, very old, injured and ill it could be a death sentence. And it’s not really a pleasant death if it does occur. Gastrointestinal and respiratory inflammation fever etc. And it is airborne.

    This seems fitting, you make it sound to harmless, at the end of the day it is still deadly and a death is a death, not everyone if young forever, it’s better to keep clean and try and stop it before it kills even 0.2 percent of the population. Which would add up.

    Sorry to down things a bit, but if everyone’s optimistic the problem gets left.

  • I need to stop because of the Coronavirus 5 months ago

    Oh wow, now it strikes home a little more, good luck, stay safe and hygienic. If it’s anything like the Ebola virus it’s just a matter of time before a cure occurs. Now I’m off to Greenland a sparsely populated, freezing cold, little access country. Good luck

  • LAV-300 (Battle of Marawi) 6 months ago

    Anyone got the password?

  • A-10 Phantasm 7 months ago

    Thank you! @Mustang51 @Evenstsrike333 @ChiyomiAnzai

  • Tesla cybertruck #2 7 months ago

    I love watching the smash-proof glass smash.
    Good job

  • Don't screw with the SP community 10 months ago

    Don’t really have an issue as long as he sells his own creations or gets permission to sell others. Simple planes is a good 3D design software easier to use than design spark or ultimata cura. Plus it attracts attention to the game, the community and will help prolong the games death. (Put bluntly)

  • this guy in minecraft chat 10 months ago

    Make him aw man

  • Corvette vs 911GT3 !! Who would win? one year ago

    Oh so basically autopilot is naff and whichever car is driven by autopilot loses.
    Sounds about right. Lol

  • People are gonna hate me... one year ago

    No I bear no blame to you. They have some of the wildest, best and unique vehicles at the time. They were also predicted to be a decade ahead of the world in technology. A nazi rocket scientist helped start nasa.

    Also the tiger tank was a well designed powerful tank which has had varied reports with a fair few outstanding successes.

  • Drift Car 2 one year ago

    nice shape, works well

  • SMC Industries is breaking off ties with all nations! one year ago

    @DeidaraEnterprises well the concept of a war is idiotic. the point being is that if both sides weren't idiotic there would be no war. Furthermore if idiots in suits were backed less wars wouldn't occur as much. In simple those who think alike prosper.

  • Calling all IOS users one year ago

    I know why you are saying this. I was ios for ages (year and a bit) but mods cant be put on ios because Ios security systems proceed external execution of codes affecting the device as an attack and decline it. In apple t&s they have parts against this modding and the game dev AndrewGarrison has nothing to do with it.

  • I am not leaving. one year ago

    ok enjoy your holiday!

  • SPMP #2 Funny Moments one year ago

    Well done.lol I need to start actualy using multiplayer

  • Drawing contest (SWAGDADDYS ART SHOW [Closed]) one year ago

    oh god I cant draw for £$%^

  • Tie Crawler one year ago

    Thanks for all the updoots @ViridiCinis

  • Q&A with Dllama one year ago

    What’s the worst glitch you’ve experienced in simple planes e.g. 0.1x0.1 parts duplicating way to many times @Dllama4

  • Very Bad News... one year ago

    oh, that is tragic, I'm so sorry. Depending on cause insurance will cover it but yeah.
    good luck for the foreseeable future.
    I hope you and you're family can recover from shock and/or other consequences.
    from someone you barely hear about.

  • An Exotic Butter one year ago

    Who says art can’t be found everywhere

  • {[/Mantis Cyborg\]} one year ago

    @BaconRoll lol then the disappointment lay in

  • How does a bird work? [Real Concept] one year ago

    @DPSAircraftManufacturer In theory there is no possibility of no fuel planes that travel large distances electricity is technically a fuel. But electric engines that charge from solar panels can work in bursts with a glider-like craft to 'hop and glide' kinda like swimming breast stroke.

  • [Teaser] No2 Big daddy. (bioshock) one year ago

    Thanks @TUNDERTEAM @Feanor @JamesBoA

  • Explorer (vanilla challengue entry) 1.1 years ago