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Hi everyone!

Well-Well-Well I come to my Main point

I just wanna be thankful to everyone who helped in my journey to 1,000 points and to my silver trophy. I am glad, that my creations were satisfying for you, and you supported me for 1,000 points, I have those names for people written with gold in my heart, those who supported me since the time, when I didn't even reached bronze.
Here's my silver trophy!

Special thanks to my friends, whom I would like to mention in my new biography:-
Special thanks to @CKKI because of supporting me from my start and till my end. And I am thankful to @sergio666 for improving my Battleships building skills. and I revealing my cousin today, (And only for today or some more days).Its @KfcGaming.

And Yes, Its me your dumb buddy. :)
Ok I don't like to describe my self

Ok i can't describe myself but i love trees and plants
I have planted nearly 500 trees and plants till now

So here are some funky and fookin memes about trees

Was this funky or too much fookin ?

Okeey! have a look at the next one.

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LOL! You get rick rolled by me

Me be like