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Hello great community !!!!
First of all, excuse my English, I'm Spanish, and sometimes I try to speak and translate with great google.
I am a professional cook, free time draftsman, and of course, a builder in this great simulator.
I build on Android, on a tablet (2016), so I don't use mods, I'm currently using the beta, and my builds don't exceed 400 parts, normally ...
I love the designs and history of WWII, and I am passionate about the aircraft of this era.
Every day I learn more about this game, about this great community and about my constructions.

Thanks a million for following me and the support , Greetings Comrade !!!!

I just created a channel on youtube, upload videos only of simpleplanes, of my designs, to check takeoffs, landings and funny moments


Great Friends :

@TodMakesStuff Great friend, he gives me advice and help to adapt and build my airplanes, and together we make some cockpit airplanes. From the best realistic builders I have seen and best friend.

@tarikGR A great friend, and magnificent builder, his works are really good, not only in airplanes, he is one of the builders with the most variety of works that I have seen, and I don't know how he makes such small counts, for such amazing constructions, I have spent a long time following this great friend, and it is an honor to have him in my bio

@Kavazano Great friend, and with an incredible level of construction, I dare to say that it is one of the best in SP! Keep it up with your magnificent constructions!!!

@UgandaKnuckles I do not know about him, but I think he found the way, above he is one of the best builders I have seen, and a great friend.

@MeuseFlugzeugbau Another great friend, builder and supporter, one of the best in the simpleplanes community.

@Wibbley The lord of the birds, incredible constructions, another one out of series, and great friend! I hope you try their constructions.

@xNotDumb Great, friend, very promising builder of battleships, he has speed in constructions, they are good, and I am sure he will be one of the greats

@JuanNotAnAlt Great comrade, one of the best builders, he also supports me and solves doubts in my constructions, apart, you will not see realistic weapons better than his.

@AtlasMilitaryIndustries Great builder, one of the best I've seen in combat aircraft, also a great friend, and one of the best comrades in this great community!