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Welcome to my SP profile, comrades!! First of all introduce myself

I am Sergio666, a lover of Ww2 planes, especially unfinished Luftwaffen projects. Sometimes I have a hard time finding unofficial blueprints for prototypes, but that's another of my passions.

As you can see, I have very basic English, I usually use Google translate to communicate (I'm Spanish, and I'm very busy with my work outside of here, and sometimes the kitchen of my restaurant takes up a lot of my free time).

Now I wanted to mention my old and new comrades

@TodMakesStuff will always be one of my best friends, because he taught me and motivated me a lot at the beginning of my constructions, so he has to be mentioned here.

@tarikGR having you in my bio is a great honor, because you are one of the builders that I most admire in this community, very skilled and versatile, his constructions are simply perfect, and I have followed you since my beginnings!

@BeastHunter just a genius, great comrade, high level builder, very big in this community and one of my best friends from SP, even if he doesn't know it

@Kavazano Great friend, and with an incredible level of construction, I dare to say that it is one of the best in SP! Keep it up with your magnificent constructions!!

@xNotDumb, another of my great friends, has helped me a lot with past constructions, and he understands codes and makes them easy for me, although I don't have much time to understand them, as this great builder does.

@MeuseFlugzeugbau Another great friend, builder and supporter, one of the best in the simpleplanes community

@Wibbley The lord of the birds, incredible constructions, another one out of series, and great friend! I hope you try their constructions

@AtlasMilitaryIndustries Great builder, one of the best I've seen in combat aircraft, also a great friend, and one of the best comrades in this great community!

@Zaineman Great friend and one of the best builders I've ever seen!! Lately he's become a great support for me, and I admire his talent, as he's capable of making even a tank fly and adding angles of attack like a real fighter, apart from His constructions vary from the maximum realism to pure fiction! His knowledge and development in the Sp community are on another level!

@MrCOPTY Another great comrade and friend, also one of my biggest supporters, because he always supports and motivates me in new constructions. He has also had a growth in SP, reaching platinum very quickly, demonstrating his talent in each construction.

@Cincurka another of my great friends, and a great builder, I don't know how he has gone unnoticed, because he has improved a lot in a very short time, and I appreciate him a lot.

@Shimamurahougetsu great comrade, a builder with a high level, and great support of my constructions, the truth is, I wanted to add you to my bio, because you are already part of my comrades!

@MrShenanigansSP another good comrade that I appreciate very much, a builder with a very good level, honestly, I have enjoyed downloading many of his constructions, keep it up friend

@MDDJB He really is a great friend since my beginnings in SP, he has always been there, supporting my builds and giving me support, that's why I wanted to dedicate my sincere thanks to you for everything!

And I think friends that I am missing one or another, so I will update this little by little