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Hi, I am 19 years old and I am from Russia, so I speak English at the level of potatoes. I love birds, especially corvids, my favorite is a magpie. I also like to create something fun and cursed.

Discord channel

I have several favorite aircrafts F 14

BAE harrier

Su 34

U 2

Tu 160

I also want you to look at the buildings of wonderful people and just good friends:

He is building beautiful airplanes and funny things

An excellent builder of replicas of planes and ships

he builds amazing cars and transformers

Very interesting ideas of airplanes and many other vehicles

Unique airplane designs and constructions, I have never seen such anywhere else

Interesting concepts and funky trees

very beautiful airliners

He makes amazing replicas of various types of military equipment, such as tanks, planes, helicopters, cars, and he also makes weapons

he builds highly detailed military vehicles and cool planes

Very cool dragons

Cool aircrafts, cars and other interesting things

To do list:
Broccoli pizza