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Uh, hi you're now reading my biography. Yes i know that you know that you are reading my biography. So for introductions,
Im called Ayanon. You can call me whatever you want but maybe maintain it to be related to my username.
Im one of the many ship enthusiast in the simpleplanes site. I make many kinds of World War 1 to 2 era ships
ship classes spanning from destroyers, Aircraft carriers, Battleships, Cruisers, and so on. Anything connected to the world war eras.
Most of my builds are mobile friendly so if you're searching for mobile friendly ships, then hell you've come to the right place!

About me / Why ships?

Well, basically I've loved army stuff since i was little until now, specially battleships. Back then I would go crazy if somebody talks about historical ships in class, yep that's how much I loved ships.
My long gone dream was to make my own ship and make it gain some historical fame. You could call it a child's dream I don't really know what was going on with myself long ago.
As I've learned about more of history and about the ships that participated in naval battles during the First World war and second world war I was a big happy man. And I've sprouted into a very big ship fan. I tried making replicas of ships using paper and cardboard back then but it looked horrendous and I was really unsatisfied. Until my good childhood friend introduced me to simpleplanes 2 and a half years ago. At first i was like wtf this game looks hard im not very fond of math you know? And then he showed me a zumwalt, and there i discovered that you can make ships in this game. I learned alot about the game from this specific childhood friend of mine im really grateful.
by the way my first ships looked awful just try to go to my oldest builds and you'll see the abominations that I myself built back then, but hey as months passed ive really improved though it took alot of time for me to progress my improvement. Idrk why maybe im just too stupid.
And also. Im not your typical anime fan I have my own limits. But yes i love anime indeed since it brings colours to my Retina. Not a reason to hate me, right? Pls dont hurt me.
Its almost been 2 years since i joined the site. Ive met alot of great people that really helped me alot. From motivation, suggestions, to sermons. Being on the sp community is a really fun and great experience.
I'll try my best to please you guys with my builds.

[ PS : I dont build modern stuff anymore, you can boo me on discord for not being able to lmao. ]

And yes this is the end of my long ass introduction

Im sorry for my harsh like sentences, and also im not Canadian.

"and some very cool acquaintances"

partners in crime









Notice :


It takes me atleast 2 to 4 days to finish my builds or i can finish them within a day if im motivated to.
Sometimes im involved with personal events so i cant upload and check stuff in SP daily, but i'll try to be active.

School Time

Yeah it means i have lesser time to spend on SP i might upload twice in a month..

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Discord : NotNøx#5911

Am i supposed to say something cool here?

Previously known as WorldofWarships