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Hey! My name's Warhammer55, you can call me (Khan, War, Jung, Asian, or Michael). I've been with Simpleplanes for a good 2ish years, in the last few weeks my build quality has really improved by 100%. For awhile I was dead and I didn't touch SP for a good 6 months, then I came back a month ago (as of late November 2019) and started to build and experiment again. It wasn't until recently when I wanted to upload some more planes after I had gotten good at making planes. I plan on doing more 50's and 60's jets and X-planes in the future if you guys want to suggest anything.
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Best jet - Mitsubishi F-15J https://www.simpleplanes.com/a/JX2e10/Mitsubishi-F-15J


-More 2nd and 3rd generation jets

Previously known as Warhammer55