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A member of Russian VKSP community.

I hope you will find an aircraft for any action in my posts. I am a kind and positive human, that's because you may use ANY OF MY CREATIONS with or without a credit. I don't know, who are you, but good luck, a lot of fuel and a good planes!

Despite any rules.
My name is Vladislav Gilev (pronounce like Gilyov), Russia. Sukhoi fan. Cats lover)

2037 Year. Alternative universe, which is a full copy of our...
Terrorists, under the guise of Islam, are raiding Syria and Israel. USA, China and Russian Federation are drown into a full-scale war against Terrorism. China and America want prove to the world who of them is stronger, Russia and India want to eliminate terror and leave the conflict. All what Syria and Israel want is a peace on their territory. All of the countries are developing a new - generation warfare. Military developers all over the world are working as hard as they can.