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  • NO COPYING! Please. 1.5 years ago

    This looks like a great post for me to reupload without giving credit.

  • What annoys you the most about the SP website? 7 months ago

    I'm not sure. Honestly all of the website is hardcoded in my memory now. Like whenever I'm on my computer and have nothing to do, I automatically, without thinking about it open sp, open the forum and check whats there, open the airplanes and see what's there etc. It's like opening the fridge looking for something every 5 seconds..... That red notification is the most pleasing thing ever

  • Who's Gonna Be The Next Moderator? 9 months ago

    A player from the sp community

  • Roleplays be like one year ago

    Too much accuracy

  • The time has come (It's not a joke) 9 months ago

    Ah yes, a player that learns from mistakes.... very nice..

  • New Moderator 1.5 years ago

    Omg it actually became a thing.

  • What do you think about simpleplanes ads? one year ago

    I think they should just send keys and ask youtubers to try the game out. If people see the youtuber have fun they might try the game out.

  • Uh Oh... 2.0 years ago


  • 1.10 Beta is now available one month ago

    I feel like perfect auto turrets are now possible?

  • Hello 10 months ago

    Do people actually believe this? There's a higher chance it's Jim than Elon. Like c'mon guys. His comment rewarding someone with merch is literally justa link to the shop, you still gotta pay.....................

    Wazzup guys It's peeeeewdiepieeeee
    Cool post Elon, here, have some merch

  • Vietnam Veteran AMA 11 months ago

    Very cool. And I guess that is why one of the default planes is named Pigpen?

  • Sandsift Drift 26s one year ago

    Everyone gangsta' until the epilepsy egg start flying

  • What happened to Dllama4 1.2 years ago

    I think he asked a mod to ban him because he wanted a break from the game.

  • About me and why I feel bad 1.6 years ago

    I hope your Life becomes better, all of the SP Community is with you.

  • Old Jokes, Week 2: Simple Remidies.... 2.1 years ago


  • [CLS×DMRD]C-SPH-1''Orion'' 10 months ago

    Yo @BogdanX check out my new truck which is totally like how it is in-game clicky

  • sp memes that are actually memes 1.2 years ago

    You really are a rail fan, aren't you? Ethan?

  • Topic: What are the calibers of the wing gun and minigun? 1.2 years ago

    I think the wing gun is supposed to be an aircraft mounted m2 browning.... so .50?

  • AUTO-AIMED TURRET AK-2100 one month ago

    People on SP are very big brained

  • Sick of it 8 months ago

    they can just use the "undo" trick. They can press undo and then redo and then boom the thing wont have any modded parts.

  • Hello 9 months ago

    Wow what a suprise, it turned out not to be the actual Elon. How shocking

  • AndrewGarrison banned!!?!??!???!?? one year ago

    I like the devs in this game

  • Wanna know how to make more money jundroo? 1.2 years ago

    This is definently not true that most if not all players will buy it. Merch is almost exclusively quite a bit more pricey than any generic item or whatever. Quite a but of the playerbase wont be able to afford the merch. While they can try and we can all hope it works out well, I do not know how well it will go. But as randomusername pointed out they do sell 3d printed planes.

  • Here is why there always been copying of creations on this site 1.2 years ago

    This is like a couple of years ago when some reaction channels on Youtube would just sit and watch a Youtube video by youtubers with a lot of subscribers like pewdiepie like "free promotion" Exact same thing….. there is no point to reupload somebodys plane for more people to see it...

  • Break Up 1.4 years ago

    reality is often disappointing

  • Yo this overload UI is so tiny :p 10 months ago

    Finger reveal

  • Goodbye. one year ago

    Bye one of the players here that isnt hated by anyone! Good luck with whatever you'll be doing. And thanks for all the cool mods.

  • Dare me anything on SimplePlanes website. 2 1.2 years ago

    I dare you to remove this forum. Get nae nae'd

  • I've got some troubling news... 1.2 years ago

    Start a gofund me page, if it gets attention you'll be able to get the money needed for the surgery, or atleast a decent chunk. Hope he gets better though!

  • Rick rolling is Banned lol. 1.3 years ago

    @Gestour Yup, I think the article is written in more understandable language. It seems that you know the rules, and so do I

  • Grrr Inverted colour help pls.!.!.!.!. 2.1 years ago

    have you tried turning your Eyes off and on again?

  • We need the devs back 4 months ago

    maybe because they don't want they inboxes filled with unrealistic suggestions constantly

  • Will le funk trees come to ipad 7 months ago

    It's already in the game on all platforms 🤦‍♂️

  • I freaking love these "Stop the drama" posts 8 months ago

    @SaintNPC We all know you're an old man with a mustache

  • Cronaviris 8 months ago

    Sure because you know so much about this whole corona thing and how to fix it.

  • My thing got flagged for spam it's not spamming and removed 9 months ago

    How are we supposed to know if we dont know what your thing is

  • Looking for Peer Reviewers - Kinematics & Trigonometry Competence Required 9 months ago

    Someone help this man like how he helps everyone

  • About The Posts 9 months ago

    People hate when other people complain about the amounts of upvotes they get, especially when they mention how good their own builds are, you did mention in other builds in general too. But they (for the most part) get the upvotes they do because what the users underneath in the comments have said

  • what do these parts do? 10 months ago

    Use le tutorial for the basics

  • WAIT.. Lens flares??! 1.2 years ago

    Image effects on and boom you got it, also some other improvements to the visuals.

  • Jundroo should check if you’ve downloaded the craft before letting u upvote 1.3 years ago

    Or let people admire it from a distance. I think the creator should strive for function and design, and the players that are able to download the creation should give critique or praise in the comments, if people say "unplayable, and the only movement is its auto roll by 50°/s" then I think it's fair to just ignore it and move on instead of upvoting for looks. But if you want to upvote something because it looks good and it gets praised for its functionality then I dont think it needs a download for the upvote to be justified.

  • Why RailfanEthan 1.4 years ago

    Omggg, people these days… do we need to spread awareness about railsexuality so that people would stop asking? He's railsexual, ok?

  • What is the jelly incident? 1.5 years ago

    Just a sh*t ton of planes made for the Youtuber Jelly, he recorded SImplePlanes videos at the time.


    This is really easy if you make custom wings all the time ya know?

  • Gator 2 1.6 years ago

    @Chancey21 I know right, how unprofessional and even worse, no description. Smh

  • If SimplePlanes was made by EA 2.0 years ago

    @RailfanEthan and being able to use mods requires a subscription

  • YAMATO Battleship 1945 4 months ago

    Is it possible to get insurance for my computer before downloading this?

  • steve (minecraft) 4 months ago

    64 upvotes, nice

  • Would this feature be possible for the game? 5 months ago

    Pls give XML option to disable joint wobble. Changing mass and diffusing inertia sensors doesn't always work.
    I'm sure every player would like the option to fix joint wobble. It would be very useful.

    This alone could imo be considered a small update.


  • why? 8 months ago

    Why spam the same forum multiple times? And you have an account now, why does it matter? You have had it for 11 months so just log in and boom no more ads. Enjoy common sense