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So right now I'm not working on anything because I'm sick, I am rewatching ATLA for ike the 500th time because it's soo Amazing.
<<<<< My gravatar is Melon Lord I drew because my favorite character is Toph.
What more can I say? Erm…. thanks for the massive support for the crane I made.
Updated 2019-03-23
Activity right now:

Probably my best tank that will take a long time to finnish
prioritised Projects/started Projects= Stealth Aircraft
Future Projects:
Stealth Aircraft
Aircraft tractor
very stereotypical american train
very stereotypical ww2 french tank
Updated (2018-10-05 Friday)

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I just found out about it and it can be useful. you may not read every agreement online but this addon breaks it down and warns you.

(I am not in anyway sponsored or whatever from any sites i mention, the section above will have off-topic sites i find useful)
Hello! I'm some Russian guy that lives in Sweden. Contrary to what you would Believe im not 8 (no offense if you are because there is nothing bad about that and everyone has been 8 years old) But it was a username from when i was Young and i can't change it so yah. 14

I can help with xml if you want and i like making tanks and custom weapons.
I also play other games such as Rainbow Six Siege, Gta 5 and CS:GO