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Hi guys. I'm Eternal Darkness.

Here's some stuff about me:

-I come from Serbia, a country in southeast Europe.

-I'm 21 year old male.

-My hobbies are drawing, reading, writing, and sometimes making wooden gliders.

-My interests are, among others, aviation, shipbuilding, psychology, philosophy, mechanics...

-I don't have a favorite music genere. If it sounds good, I'll listen to it. For example, I listen to Guns & Roses, Avicii, Hurts, AlogiA (a local power/progressive metal), System of a dawn... Anyway, it has to have sense, otherwise I don't find it interesting.


-Current projects:
A futuristic repulsorlift armed transport;
A large destroyer. I got bored of that one. Might not be completed;
A twin-engine fighter-bomber, designed to usual American template.

-Some stuff that I don't want to upload public, but you can play with:
1.Torpedrone, an aerial drone launched from a torpedo tube
2.A VTOL acorn
3.A short ship launched or aerial torpedo, fully functional
4.A helicopter. Requires gyro-cockpits mod to operate
5.An airdrop. Features a fully operational land drone inside
6.A ship hull. You can make a successor to it