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Blohm&Voss Bv238 V

9,446 jelybaca  3 months ago

History of the Blohm&Voss Bv238

The Blohm&Voss Bv238 V was one of the seven variants of the Bv238 family, varying from V1-6 and Bv250, a land version of the Bv238. Development began in 1941 after the relatively smaller Blohm&Voss Bv222, nicknamed “Wiking”.

Because of allied bombings of German Cities in the mid-years of World War II, only one airworthy Bv238 was produced, and it never had self defense armament like this example of the Bv238 I built.

The original Bv238 was planned to be a cargo flying boat, hauling materials and resources to the outer reaches of the Third Reich but was also planned to become a large strategic bomber, able to carry 20 250kg bombs between engines 2-3 and 4-5.

Trials began in late 1944, flying twice withing Lake Schaal. Alas, the Bv238 flying boat was sunk few days before the end of World War II with inconclusive evidence as to whom sank it.

This Plane Features

-Detailed Flight Deck
-Medium LOD defense turrets
-VTOL Controlled Flaps 0-45*
-Working Cargo Door

I really do wish I made this plane mobile friendly but with its size, and complex shape, 173 more parts were nessecary to make it Airworthy and seaworthy, and to make it more realistic but to also have good performance. Actually this is my third time building and uploading the Blohm&Voss Bv238 with previous renditions coming from silver and bronze era.

AG controls are
(1=Cargo Door)
(2=Open bombbay and ready bombs)


General Characteristics

  • Successors 1 airplane(s)
  • Created On iOS
  • Wingspan 198.1ft (60.4m)
  • Length 160.0ft (48.8m)
  • Height 44.2ft (13.5m)
  • Empty Weight 31,817lbs (14,432kg)
  • Loaded Weight 110,224lbs (49,997kg)


  • Horse Power/Weight Ratio 0.381
  • Wing Loading 9.6lbs/ft2 (46.8kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 11,504.4ft2 (1,068.8m2)
  • Drag Points 60204


  • Number of Parts 576
  • Control Surfaces 10
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    @jelybaca Ok, I can wait. That's what I want so much.

    3 months ago
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    9,446 jelybaca

    Yeah I already have S.2-2 and H6 at the works. I dont do request builds yet but after I finish all my queued projects. I’ll build a Tu-95.@Evenstsrike333

    3 months ago
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    It's great if you build a bomber. Can you do the Tu-95 & B-52? No need to do both. I let you build just one. But which one will you choose?

    3 months ago
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    @RailfanEthan lol
    @Type2volkswagen copy the link , go in the editor and press Ctrl+l

    3 months ago
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    Help? I've downloaded this 4 times on my PC. It opens SP but doesn't load.....

    3 months ago
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    9,446 jelybaca

    Trial and error, and lots of Xml editing, usually test fly or set sail until the flying boat in question reaches take off speed, reduce weight of aircraft through reducing fuel, dead weight or xml editing again to ease the take off process. If your flying boat has engines mounted above the center of mass and rolls over at take off speed, set a part in the bows with buoyancy 100% with dead mass at 1000lbs, that way it may prevent a roll over@Blyatnov

    3 months ago
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    3,148 Blyatnov

    @jelybaca how to make a plane easily take off from water?

    3 months ago
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    I'd say it accelerates too quickly for such a heavy plane and there's no downward looking camera to help me aim the bombs. Also, wings could have been done better using this technique. Still, I had fun bombing bridges with it. Can't wait to see your Platinum Bv-238.

    3 months ago
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    Nicely done ✔✔✔✔

    3 months ago
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    99.7k RailfanEthan

    threat in the air

    +1 3 months ago