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Welcome to my profile. Here you will see my contribution to the community - a lot of trains. I'm spending more effort on these trains than ever before, making them feel and look as they should. Most of the trains I have created have been seen in person by myself.

Enjoy searching through my collection.


The Train Collection
Before SimplePlanes received magnets in 1.8, trains were different. What you spawned in as was what you got. Since then, trains have become way easier and more fun to use. You can now go in game as a locomotive and spawn in train cars, and connect to them with magnets.

I have separated the posts between this update. Locomotives and rolling stock for what I have described can be found here.
Locomotives with Magnets
Rolling stock for Magnet Locomotives

Older trains that lack magnets can be found here, oldest at the bottom.
Pre-magnet trains


About my existence on SP
I came here on July 27, 2015 (SR2: Dec. 25, 2017). I saw SP on the app store and immediately got it on my iPad, about a month or so before I made my account. Obviously I was a odd ball, making a very funky looking ship with a funkier missile. Then I started making trains. And I never stopped.
On January 27, I reached 100,000 points, a very important milestone. I want to thank everyone for that, even if you are just someone who downloads my builds without upvoting. You matter. All of you.


Other Accounts
SP based Twitter


About Myself
I'm a Maine highschooler who has always thought about putting others forward, and encouraging people to believe in what they want to believe.
Trains are a very important part to history for almost every country. They were valuable forms of transportation, and helped push the world into the modern age.
North American trains have always been beautiful machinery to me. They're designed like no other. With that being said, I tend to focus a bit on American and Canadian trains for SimplePlanes. They're also easier for me to create, since I can see most of them in person.

I also like old Land Rovers. Ask anyone in SPBC for proof.



I always credit anyone who has helped with every single one of my projects. Feedback and help is what I stride to receive. I also would like to thank the community.

I'd like to thank TrainDude for making the first Railway mod, allowing trains to be used in SP correctly. Credit is also deserved for destroyerP, who created a train map with smoother corners and more realistic track.

This is not limited to them, though. Everyone on SimplePlanes deserves appreciation for their contributions as well.


These are what I'm working on. Release dates are very unpredictable for them, but they will be released eventually.

-GE 44 Ton
-Random Rolling Stock
-F7a and F7b (in cooperation with BoganBoganTheMan, planned to be done in at least 2 paint schemes: Boston and Maine "Minute Man"
and Santa Fe "War Bonnet")
-Cuban cane locomotives
-Big boy?
-Sunderland Mk V
-A real train?


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