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Hi, this is my bio I suppose. I make a lot of space craft and tanks and sometimes make guided missiles, ICBMs and such. I live in Melbourne Australia so If you wanna message me account for the time.

Gold date: I didn’t write it down but I made a post about it 1.4 years ago so that’s good enough
Platinum date: haven’t got there yet
100 followers: I’m not that popular

Currently working on,
-Drop ship
-a capital ship from my universe thing that I made up.

It seems like most people have made something like tinland or simplelandia, my own fictional country (and planet for that matter) is Kinora. Long story short, Kinora is a super power on its planet along with Sesqechia to the south and Novo to the north. The current year is 2150 and a war with sesqechia was just fought with kinora winning and freeing the sesqechian people. I’ll have a forum post up soon with more detail about Kinoran history and the pride of the Kinoran space forces, the Opeus 2.