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"It seems like everyone has a quote at the beginning of there bio"

- Blackhattaircraft

Proud holder of user page 31

Map of SimplePlanes

Credit to @diegoavion84 for the map


Status: Active

How I build

I basically just build whatever comes to mind.
My building strategy:
1. Think of something to build
2. Start building it
3. Almost finish it
4. Think of a new idea
5. Come back to it a month later


I am a Cadet airman in Civil Air Patrol and a first class in Boy Scouts (or Scouts BSA). I have at least 3 hours of flying. I've always been into aviation and engineering and want to get into Air Force Academy (for those of you who dont know it is the academy for the Untied States Air Force)
I used to play a couple years ago but I didn't have an account and I was pretty bad at building. Also I play Ace Combat 7
I am the founder of Air Armyguy, a (fake) company that produces aircraft of all types. (A-industries is the military version but still the same company)
I'm also a proud ducc supporter

Age: -6
Gender: attack helicopter
First name: insert name here
Last name: ____

Minecraft is the best game ever made and fortnite is bad

Future projects:

Tilt-a-rotor In progress
VTOL bomber
SAM Launcher in progress
AA Turret (With effects) in progress
Private Jet in progress
Regular civilian plane (not sure which)
Battleship in progress
Ducc in progress
And more


Reach bronze: done (dont know when)
Reach silver: done (dont know when)
Reach gold: nope
Reach platinum: nope
Get an upvote: done
Get 10 upvotes on a post: done
Get 50 upvotes on a post: I wish
Get a follower: done
Get 10 followers: done
Get 50 followers: I wish
Most upvotes on a post: my no Control Surface Challange


@FiveDubloon498 (outside of SimplePlanes)

Useful things

How to make fancy looking text
How to make custom text for a link like that ^: [Your text](link)
How to insert screenshots/ pictures: ![](direct link) use [postimage and once you selected your image choose Direct link not link
Also this one is my favorite

Favorite pics