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"I couldn't think of any other quotes"


Hello Comrades

Proud holder of user page 18

Map of SimplePlanes

Credit to @diegoavion84 for the map

Status: Active


I am a Cadet airman in Civil Air Patrol soon to be Cadet airman 1st class

First class in Boy Scouts soon to be star

I do Vex robotics

I used to play a couple years ago but I didn't have an account and I was pretty bad at building.

I play Ace Combat 7

Real name: Armyguy1534

My SR2 account

Minecraft= good

fortnite= bad

Future projects:

Tilt-a-rotor In progress
VTOL bomber
SAM Launcher in progress
AA Turret (With effects) in progress
Private Jet in progress
Battleship in progress
And more

Reached gold: 8-8-19


@FiveDubloon498 (outside of SimplePlanes)

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