Yeti Scramble

Created 3.6 years ago

It's been long enough, so let's get another tournament going!

Plane Requirements

  • Tournament Class: Unlimited
  • XML modded engines and fuel tanks are NOT allowed
  • Max Part Count: 100
  • Max Length: 20 meters
  • Max Wingspan: 20 meters
  • Max Height: 10 meters
  • Must be an original (ie - not a predecessor of another player's plane)
  • No weapons
  • Activation Group 8 will never activate
  • Time Limit: 3 minutes

Read the Tournament Guide here for more info on how we run tournaments and what this all means.

Edit: Don't try and use the new XML attributes for this tournament, we will be checking for those. (mass scale, part scale, power multiplier, etc)


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    Goblix 3.6 years ago
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    • Profile image

      God my race was so slow... Just check the comments for the time in the video

      3.5 years ago
    • Profile image
      10.0k Valkyrie

      Lol i won 2 match

      3.5 years ago
    • Profile image

      I just checked the races and apparently the right lane is bugged... are we going to be re running the tournament or just moving on?>

      3.5 years ago
    • Profile image

      Hah! At least I beat A dev...

      3.5 years ago
    • Profile image
      14.0k Goblix

      Thanks @hopotumon

      3.5 years ago
    • Profile image
      6,381 GrumpyRacing

      Actually this time it sounds like we will! There was a glitch and all the right hand lane planes ran slow, at ~70-80% of their normal top speed. Andrew said we'll rerun this tournament again next Sunday. It's still not completely clear if it will open back up for changes/adjustments to our submitted planes though. @hopotumon

      3.5 years ago
    • Profile image

      Wow, mine was quite slow but won 4 matches! Can't be disappointed with that. Great race everyone!

      3.5 years ago
    • Profile image
      68.3k hopotumon

      Actually my X-MIX's best record on Yeti is 1:06 and the YelowHat is 1:15. But... Tournament is a tournament. We can't repeat that matchs. Congratulation @Goblix.

      3.5 years ago
    • Profile image

      Are we allowed to change our planes before the re-run of the tournament ?

      3.5 years ago
    • Profile image
      1,677 HBirdmanAATL

      So will we be allowed to modify and upload new planes while we wait for the "do-over" tournament or are we stuck using the same planes?

      3.5 years ago
    • Profile image

      @BRuthless my little cousin wants to be like me. I asked him what he wants his name to be. He wanted my name so I gave him this name I'm using now

      3.5 years ago
    • Profile image
      24.8k BRuthless

      @Generalkeath2 and @Generalkeath

      It couldn't be more obvious...
      Oh, it actually can.
      Generalkeath2 was created right at the time when Generalkeath was banned...

      3.5 years ago
    • Profile image

      @BRuthless its not my account its my cousins. He just got the game a week ago and I'm still showing him how to use it

      3.5 years ago
    • Profile image
      10.8k bspboy

      I am frustrated. The one I got out on the first round I won. Then I lost the second one because of the right lane being slow. My plane achieved on average a 1:15 but then was beaten by a 1:26 because it was going so slow.

      3.5 years ago
    • Profile image
      14.0k Goblix

      Thanks @Polandball

      3.5 years ago
    • Profile image
      1,363 Berzerk

      My turnings bad so I didn't survive a round lol

      3.5 years ago
    • Profile image
      14.0k Goblix

      Thank you so much @SpiraXD

      3.5 years ago
    • Profile image
      3,997 SpiraXD

      @Goblix Congrats

      3.5 years ago
    • Profile image
      14.0k Goblix

      Thanks @GrumpyRacing

      3.5 years ago
    • Profile image
      6,381 GrumpyRacing

      Nice racing everyone!
      To anyone I beat due to the glitch... I am sorry...

      @andrewgarrison thank you for putting these on! I hope the glitch is an easy one to fix.

      @Goblix congrats!

      3.5 years ago
    • Profile image
      24.8k BRuthless

      @Chevygmoney You're right, it's saying "Don't make alternate accounts to upvote your own stuff.", but he is circumventing a ban (which is what most alt accounts are used for).

      3.5 years ago
    • Profile image
      26.5k Sunnyskies

      I'm just noticing my plane made it farther than any other plane that used only propellers.
      Final 16. Pretty cool, actually!

      3.5 years ago
    • Profile image
      5,105 Chevygmoney

      No it's not, you can't upvote your own creation with it tho. Like everybody has an alt acct.@BRuthless

      3.5 years ago
    • Profile image
      24.8k BRuthless

      @Generalkeath2 Making a second account is against the rules.

      3.5 years ago
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