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About me
Me: 15 year-old Chinese passport holder living in Canada.
Languages: Fluent in both English and Chinese (though my Chinese skills are getting worse throughout the years.)
Hobbies: Hockey, golf, and anything that flies.
Favorite aircraft(s): Tu-144 SST, Avro Arrow, Boeing 787 series, Airbus A350 series, Avro RJ-70/85/100.

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Build Streams
Steam Stream: Active

- My SimplePlanes Server: Private. Visit my steam group to join.
Status: Start-up upon request.
Join here: =>
- 24/7 SimplePlanes Server: Owned bt Caulk from Japan. IP:

Cool People
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Antisphere . REW . MasterManufacturing . realluochen9999 . thealban
Fictional aircraft makers:
Flightsonic . spefyjerbf . EternalDarkness . MrMecha . Tully2001

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