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Welcome, ladies and gentleman. This is the place to learn about RAF1.

Hello, mates! My name is Pascal Butler, or as you may know me; RAF1. The name is of course for Royal Air Force, not for Russian Air Force (my Gravatar parodies this), or that weird gene. I am a proud Brit, with intentions to bring you only the finest of creations. I don't care if it's tanks, planes, or ships, you can rely on me to build it. That is of course if it is doable on iOS.

Before I start droning on about myself, I would like to state to all users that I upload to gift other players the enjoyment that I have found in my creations. That is why a good two thirds of my aircraft never make it onto this website- they just aren't fun.

You may know me for my tank builds, from Girls Und Panzer. Don't get that twisted- I am not a weaboo! I, like many others, watch the show for the tanks. Let's just get that out of the way. Also, the reason I bring tanks up is because of the success of these builds, which is probably why you are on my page.

Now, more about myself? I want to be a pilot, or an aerospace engineer when I grow up. I am currently working on an eco-friendly jet engine with my brother, called the Ecofan. It would accompany a line of aircraft called Ecojets. The company for said aircraft and engines would be called KP Aerospace.

My brother and I currently fly as proud members of the black pilots of America. With such support, I have already clocked in a few hours towards my PPL. The goal of getting this license only strengthens my love for aircraft, hence this incredible game!

A few last notes; I may be British, but I love Russian aircraft, so beware. My favourite aircraft is the Su-33 Flanker D, as it is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. My favorite show is Space Battleship Yamato (Old and new are just the same in my mind). My favourite song is Tokyo Coaster. My favourite historical figure is Winston Chuchill, or Erwin Rommel. My favorite tank is the T-34/85. My favourite book is Battle Royale. Lastly, my favourite movie character ever is Sargeant Oddball from Kelly's Heroes... Enjoy!