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Hey guys, welcome to my little engineering pond!

Here, I make fairly simplistic replicas that sometimes hardly get noticed, and my part count usually never exceeds 300 so I can stay mobile-friendly, as that's where I build! I take certain requests, and will call out to you friendly chaps every now and then for XML modding and such. Enjoy your stay here, and be sure to check out my stuff while you're here!

It's time for you guys to get to know me. At almost 7k points, it's only fair! So, where to start...
I am 16 currently, and a junior in high school.
I design planes during downtime in classes and when I'm away from wifi.
I absolutely love feedback from you guys, especially if something should be improved.
I get inspiration from some designs I see, but only if I get a cool idea similar to it.
I'm gonna redo some planes soon, so be ready for some oldies!
My Steam name is the same as it is here, so feel free to add me!
I happen to live in Surf City (Huntington Beach), and yet I do not surf. I am an outcast.
I am meek. I am frail. Pls no hurt.
I act very British at times, but I am indeed American. Thanks for that, YOGSCAST.

AAAAAND that's about it. Have a great day!