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Hi! My name is Mahadi Islam. I am from Bangladesh. I am an Explorer who is looking for Cool and Awesome aircrafts in SimplePlanes...

My aim in life is to be an aircraft designer. So, SimplePlanes is my most favorite game! Through this game I can design my own planes for the future. And I think in this game, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

I like alienatic, stylish and fictional aircrafts. So, I like to design alienatic, fictional and exceptional styled aircrafts most. My most favorite fictional design is the Astro Avenger II Spacecraft. Here's the Astro Avenger II Theme music.

Sometimes I use my imagination to build something different than a plane using plane parts only. Those are made for fun.

I believe that with creativity you can do anything to improve the world. In my words -

"Creativity can change the world. Never think that you don't have creativity. Everybody has got creativity. So, explore through your creativity and make more amazing creations."


Age: 13
Birthday: 20th January
Hobbies: Reading Storybooks and Playing Games
Interests: Observing Nature and Space

Name Of Company: Bangladesh Aircraft Company (BAC)

My Steam ID: AstroAvenger
My YouTube Channel: AstroGamerUFO

Started this game's journey on: May 10, 2016.
Got Platinum Rank on: October 1, 2016.