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Current Status: STILL ALIVE and will return someday.

To Boldly Make What No One Has Made Before...

Hi! My name is Mahadi Islam. I am from Bangladesh. I am an aircraft enthusiast who loves SimplePlanes...
I think in this game,


I believe that with creativity you can do anything to change the world. In my words -

"Creativity can change the world. It is not a talent. Everybody is born with creativity. So, use your imagination to unleash the power of your creativity. Make the world a more COOL place."

Some good quotes useful in life -

"Not Competition but Co-operation can make the world a better place."

"Each man should plant at least one tree in his life."

"Don't work for admiration, Work for fun."

"Never give up, Chase your dream."

"Just because the past didn't turn out as you wanted it to, doesn't mean your future can't be better."

"Anything is possible if you try with your heart."

I have noticed that many new users don't know to give their post's first screenshot well. Here's a suggestion for that -

Screenshot Suggestion.


Age: 15
Birthday: 20th January
Hobbies: Reading Storybooks and Playing Games and Thinking
Interests: Observing Nature and Space
Aim in Life: Becoming an aircraft engineer or a NASA engineer

Favorite Aircraft: F-15E Strike Eagle
Favorite Car: Lamborghini Murcièlago SV
Favorite Sci-Fi Spacecraft: USS Enterprise NCC-1701 (From Star Trek Beyond)
Favorite Gaming Character: Sonic And Tails
Favorite Anime Character: Lelouch Vi Britannia (From Code Geass)

Name Of Company: Bangladesh Aircraft Company (BAC)
Build Style: Extra-Ordinary, Alienatic, Futuristic and Realistic.

My Gmail Address: mahadibac@gmail.com
My Steam ID: mahadibac
My YouTube Channel: JustAGamerForFun
My SoundCloud Profile: MusicsForFun
My Discord Tag: MAHADI#1440

Started this game's journey on: May 10, 2016.
Got Platinum Rank on: October 1, 2016.

Some Abbreviations used with the name of some of my posts -
1. CS = Creative Structures (crazy stuffs made from plane parts only)
2. TA = Tournament Aircrafts (planes especially for tournaments)

Is that a too long bio? Okay, just skip it...

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