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Current Status: INACTIVE cause there is a hell of exams coming soon!

"To Boldly Make What No One Has Made Before..."

Hi! This is me! Mahadi. I am from Bangladesh. I am an aircraft enthusiast who loves SimplePlanes!
My main interests are in Sci-Fi spaceships. So, most of my builds have Sci-Fi styles. I also like to make realistic planes. I mostly suck at making replicas although I try. Sometimes you'll find me making weird things out of plane parts.

My Gmail Address: mahadibac@gmail.com
My Steam ID: CaptainSkylark
My YouTube Channel: CaptainSkylark
My SoundCloud Profile: CaptainSkylark
My Discord Tag: MAHADI#1440
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Started this game's journey on: May 10, 2016.
Got Platinum Rank on: October 1, 2016.

Some Abbreviations used with the name of some of my posts -
1. CS = Creative Structures (crazy stuffs made from plane parts only)
2. TA = Tournament Aircrafts (planes especially for tournaments)

Isn't that a boring bio? Np, Just skip it!