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Hi! My name is Mahadi Islam. I am from Bangladesh. I am an Explorer who is looking for Cool and Awesome aircrafts in SimplePlanes...

My aim in life is to be an aircraft designer or a NASA engineer. So, SimplePlanes is my most favorite game! Through this game I can design my own planes or rockets for the future. And I think in this game, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE TO MAKE VIRTUALLY!

I like alienatic, stylish and fictional aircraft. So, I like to design alienatic, fictional and extraordinary styled aircraft most. My most favorite fictional design is the Astro Avenger II - Destroyer Spacecraft. Here's the Astro Avenger II Theme music.

Sometimes I use my imagination to build something different than a plane using plane parts only. Those are made for fun.

I believe that with creativity you can do anything to improve the world. In my words -

"Creativity can change the world. Never think that you don't have creativity. Everybody has got creativity. So, explore and unleash the power of your creativity."

And I also think that - "Each man should plant at least one tree in his life. Trees are very essential for a safe, secure, healthy and green future for mankind."

I have noticed that many new users doesn't know to give their post's first screenshot well. Here's a suggestion for that - Screenshot Suggestion.


Age: 14
Birthday: 20th January
Hobbies: Reading Storybooks and Playing Games
Interests: Observing Nature and Space

Name Of Company: Bangladesh Aircraft Company (BAC)

My Steam ID: mahadibac
My YouTube Channel: AstroGamerUFO

Started this game's journey on: May 10, 2016.
Got Platinum Rank on: October 1, 2016.