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To Boldly Make What No One Has Made Before...

Hi! My name is Mahadi Islam. I am from Bangladesh. I am an aircraft enthusiast who loves SimplePlanes...
I think in this game,


I believe that with creativity you can do anything to change the world. In my words -

"Creativity can change the world. It is not a talent. Everybody is born with creativity. So, use your imagination to unleash the power of your creativity. Make the world a more COOL place."

I have noticed that many new users don't know to give their post's first screenshot well. Here's a suggestion for that -

Screenshot Suggestion.


Age: 15
Birthday: 20th January
Hobbies: Reading Storybooks and Playing Games and Thinking
Interests: Observing Nature and Space
Aim in Life: Becoming an aircraft engineer or a NASA engineer

Favorite Aircraft: F-15E Strike Eagle
Favorite Car: Lamborghini Murcièlago SV
Favorite Sci-Fi Spacecraft: USS Enterprise NCC-1701 (From Star Trek Beyond)
Favorite Gaming Character: Sonic And Tails
Favorite Anime Character: Lelouch Vi Britannia (From Code Geass)

Name Of Company: Bangladesh Aircraft Company (BAC)
Build Style: Extra-Ordinary, Alienatic, Futuristic and Realistic.

My Gmail Address: mahadibac@gmail.com
My Steam ID: CaptainSkylark
My YouTube Channel: CaptainSkylark
My SoundCloud Profile: CaptainSkylark
My Discord Tag: MAHADI#1440

Started this game's journey on: May 10, 2016.
Got Platinum Rank on: October 1, 2016.

Some Abbreviations used with the name of some of my posts -
1. CS = Creative Structures (crazy stuffs made from plane parts only)
2. TA = Tournament Aircrafts (planes especially for tournaments)

Is that a too long bio? Okay, just skip it...

By the way, these planes below are real junks which were rated as my highest and I don't even know why they were...