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Stop Signs do nothing to

actually stop the car


I made This Nice List of Actual Pilots among us, feel free to submit an entry.

Some tidbits about ME

•I like planes
•I have a dead youtube
•I am good at making people bored
•I like airplanes (didnt already say that)
•In Civil Air Patrol, C/SMsgt

~I love emails! mrnoobster85@gmail.com

Use my email address to send plane requests, video requests, help requests, and lunch requests. I won't do conversations on my email, leave those for the forums, Steam chat, or my discord

There it is, my story in a nutshell.


Q: Will you spotlight me?
A: No. If you ask I see that as a red flag that you are desperate and greedy for upvotes. Don't ask and maybe you'll get lucky if you work hard.

Q: How about an upvote?
A: Same answer. NO.

Q: When will you post another replica?
A: Not for a very long time.

Q: You are bad.
A: You don't know how to ask a question.

Future Projects:

A190LR family
A180 Family
Boeing 777X

Previously known as ForeverPie