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G'day m8's!

I'm Zippy6, I live in America but was born in Australia and I just really, really like planes.

What I do
I love WWII planes and anything experimental or weird or funky.
My goal is to make the most accurate planes on this website. Size, performance, you name it!
You'll see a lot of luft46 here, but I have a lot of other X planes from various other countries planned.

About me:
I want to go into mechanical or Aerospace Engineering, maybe as a 3D modeler.
I am Autodesk Inventor certified, if that means anything.

Hit gold on a cold ass Tuesday. Dec 11th, 2018.


Feel free to make suggestions!

Current requests:

F-11C "Goshawk" - 0%

Cannone da 47/32.
PaK 44

Hmmm Mebbe I should try to build some tanks...