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  • The one looming problem with this game.. 10 months ago

    This game I feel genuinely had the potential to challenge minecraft as one of the most popular sandbox games out there, but for some reason it just never took off. I have literally never seen this game mentioned anywhere outside this website. Why is that?


    My only guess, the biggest problem is the world that simpleplanes takes place in. Minecraft saw you gathering resources and spending those resources to shape the world around you the way you want it to be, like building a house. Simpleplanes gives you all resources you would ever need to create one machine, but that machine has no ability to do anything other than transport the player around the map or shoot down enemy planes/ships. Once you actually create the machine, you share it and then stop using it, start creating another machine. The landscape is fixed and static, has been for years. I spent like 95% of my time building and not actually flying.


    If the devs get good money from SR2 and decide to come back to create SP2, I'd definitely like to see the whole bland sandbox map taken out and completely replaced with a different gameplay mechanic. Even a basic procedural world that we can manipulate with resource gathering for parts that we can use in the building process would give a real boost to enjoying this game beyond just creating stuff.

  • 1.8 Beta now available 21 days ago

    Cool. Can someone tell me if they are still focusing on simplerockets, or are they switching back to developing this again?

  • MkV Tempest one year ago

    @Othawne There was a bunch of different gunsights used by the Brits, I want to show them all off.

  • SR2 is now on Steam 4 months ago


  • Yak-9K Noka 5 months ago

    @FgFg yeah! but ya know, you don't need it on this ;) That's already on my mig-3

  • MB.5 11 months ago

    Setting Fireweapons to a piston holding the cockpit to give a recoil effect, brilliant.

  • MkV Tempest one year ago

    @Mainblocks sure dude, could you throw up the design you have in mind unlisted and I'll work something out. How many parts do you want it limited to?

  • Spring plans one year ago

    @Othawne I just want to finish the interceptors first before I tackle jets

  • MkV Tempest one year ago

    Using Overload mod, go to control surface 1, edit MaxDeflectionDegree to between 0-180, default is 35

    A hinge, plus a small circle rotator to bring them back 15ish degrees. edit the speed values so they work together as one.

    Adding exterior cockpit struts would mean +50 parts to get them right, and even then they'd clash with the interior. I prefer a simple glass clipping.@CRJ900Pilot

  • MkV Tempest one year ago

    @Mustang51 You got me! The only difference visually is shorter cannons and thinner wings, but if I find a better colourised tempest img I'll replace it.

  • Faulcon Delacy Cobra MK.iii 1.1 years ago


  • AI Doodlebug 1.3 years ago

    @Zerokiller3 In the works @JackTheBestBoss I think my current fastest fighter is the Griffon @TheNCRranger I think it would, yeah. If you have the setting turned on for it.

  • Thomas the tank : edit Thomas the dank engin 1.7 years ago

    'and death shall have no dominion'

  • Avro Lancaster w/ Tallboy 2 months ago

    @Scottydoestuff i'm done, i'll be back if there's a simpleplanes 2

  • New Video ! 2 months ago

    Damn that was great
    Requesting a video using my stuff

  • prot J7W 4 months ago

    Where could I read this comic?

  • AI Lancaster 4 months ago

    @Kaos oh sure, you have to manually spawn it yourself.

  • AI Lancaster 4 months ago

    @Kaos it's a lancaster, it doesn't really do much beyond fly from a to b. What device are you running on? If you set physics to low, does it help?

  • Yak-9K Noka 5 months ago

    @FgFg while I'm here, do you know of any russian 4 engined ww2 bombers?

  • Yak-9K Noka 5 months ago

    @FgFg oh yeah thanks

  • MIG-17 6 months ago

    This is brilliant for 81parts.

  • Spring plans 6 months ago

    @Scottydoestuff the only unfinished was the yak, nothing else was made

  • Spring plans 6 months ago

    @Scottydoestuff sorry dude, this stuff's been abandoned
    I'll be sinking my teeth into sr2 when it comes out, mark my words

  • B-24 Consolidated Liberator 7 months ago

    You nailed the profile, nice work! my.mixtape.moe/xbwiuo.mp4

  • Lockheed P/F-80 Shooting Star 7 months ago

    Flies great! https://my.mixtape.moe/ufhzlf.mp4

  • Mistel me-262 [BogdanX Challenge] 7 months ago

    super fun

  • The SPW, with Awsomur [30] 8 months ago

    dude, where's my car?

  • MB.5 11 months ago

    @costr chassis looks so smooth! What's the next design plan?

  • B-17 Fortress w/ Incendiary Canister 11 months ago

    @ChromeGamer25 If I remember right, 6 disconnects every small bomb within the canister, turns on all the incendiary flares on the bombs, drops the main canister, sets the fins within the canister to spin, and sets the canister doors to start opening, it's a LOT of work if you want to get all those changed to act5.

  • Elliptical Motion one year ago

    Gonna be using this a ton, thanks dude

  • MkV Tempest one year ago

    @STlegacyAircraft Download the overload mod, it's a must for anyone interested in designing on simpleplanes.

  • MkV Tempest one year ago

    @RemakePlanes That's a really cool idea, I might have to go back and redo the tantei myself sometime. Seems like latewar the japs really did retrofit them with strange music, although just 1 cannon.

  • Plans for this month one year ago

    @ReischetzFokke I could do, but it's basically the same plane style as zero/hayate. I want to work on other projects like twin fighters/light bombers in the future

  • Hawker Hurricane Mk. I one year ago

    @Adaxial Definitely download finetuner and overload, they're both good on android. I would say spend more time comparing your build with a blueprint image, going back and forth and back and forth and adjusing endlessly until the three basic shapes - fuselage, wings, tail, are all perfect thickness, lengths, positions. That's the hardest part I spend the most time on. Don't do any detailing or colouring or designing gears until the main part's done. You're detailing is great, I don't need to give any advice here, love that red wing strip.

    What happened with that humble pig?

  • AI Fortress Formation one year ago

    @Agung44 Sup dude

  • Waffentrager E-100 Flak-46 12.8cm Zwilling 1.1 years ago

    @RussianAS GENIUS

  • Waffentrager E-100 Flak-46 12.8cm Zwilling 1.1 years ago

    @RussianAS How did you create the recoil in this? I'm building a Yak9 with boom25 launcher as 45mm cannon. I'm trying to build the firing mechanism that shakes the aircraft with recoil.

  • AI Fortress Formation 1.1 years ago

    @costr Steam is "botaweaverfish". Keep in mind I don't speak russian

  • AI Fortress Formation 1.1 years ago

    @costr Sure! What do you need?

  • AI Fortress Formation 1.1 years ago

    @costr Thanks! Keep an eye out for a yak9 soon

  • B-17 Fortress Tail Turret 1.1 years ago

    @BMilan Sure dude, I never care about that kind of thing, go crazy!

  • AI Fortress Formation 1.1 years ago

    @HellRaiser I don't think anyone's figured out AI turrets, maybe next update would bring some.

  • Rocket Plane! - Me 163 Komet 1.1 years ago

    @SpiritusRaptor ah yeah, that's the method I used, I'll have a look at it though. Thank you!

  • M.Corp Sprinter 4x4 1.1 years ago

    Love that dashboard dancer

  • He162 Volksjäger 1.1 years ago

    @Mostly fixed rockets, set them to 1-2 instead of 1-4 and changed some paint tones

  • He162 Volksjäger 1.1 years ago

    @JackTheBestBoss No worries man, I'm getting too lazy with the testing

  • F4U Corsair w/ HVAR 1.1 years ago

    @HellRaiser set the rockets on the left to firedelay 1, set rockets on the right to 0

  • Rocket Plane! - Me 163 Komet 1.1 years ago

    @SpiritusRaptor what's your method of embedding a missile into the fuselage?

  • Fix left roll please! 1.1 years ago

    Check the drag, check the COM, check the mass of parts

    If that's all fine, start ripping out parts of the design bit by bit and play them until you figure out exactly what the problem part is