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  • Some financial ideas for the site. 8 months ago


  • Baymax 7 months ago

    Im a simple creature, i see baymax, i upvote

  • Why do I see a recent surge of Chinese users? 8 months ago

    there are lots of Chinese users on the site already...
    for example i could see at least 3 Chinese on the top 20 user ol' this site.
    On Earth(Sol III) there are 1 Chinese in 5 people... don't be suprised.
    also a tip: don't use Ching chong word to Chinese... that is an offencing word to Chinese people.
    also, Today is 08/20. August is a Chinese national holiday... yes, the whole July et August. Teenage in China doesn't need to go to school. maybe that's one of the reasons. It's just lots of users are kinda like ended their hibernation, free from school and work.
    not being suspicous or nationalist.

  • Flag of China 9 months ago

    国旗没错 奈何总是有傻逼无脑喷,,

  • Update 1.9.205 one year ago


  • 5th Generation Challenge 5 months ago

    J-20 Is not 5th gen gang is comming

  • Potted Tree 6 months ago

    Funky tree

  • Simple Tiger I 10 months ago

    @asteroidbook345 lol

    you got a sherman called fury at straight ahead!

  • New Tutorial Plane 10 months ago

    tip: hellkeska is a sukhoi su-24
    nice tutorial plane btw and

    Jundroo pls update the tutorial

  • Peeps. Chill. Successors are cool!!! Here’s why: 10 months ago

    Successors SHOULD BE ENCOURAGED. but Stealing should be REMOVED.

  • So uhh one month ago

    @ElonMusk you have to check this.

  • Come on Huawei 7 months ago

    @TiFosiF 兄弟别键政了。。这不是键政的地方,这种谷歌战士你有必要和他争嘛?
    或者@SmartBear 麻烦清理一下罢

  • What sparked your interest in aviation? 8 months ago

    It fly.

    That's all.

  • rockyy's (areyougood's) Spawnable Island 9 months ago

    Dont make this into dramas people

  • A.F.C.U.-3 10 months ago


  • Funny quilt 10 months ago

    Politics and Religion
    Please, remember that this is a game about airplanes. While we do allow off-topic conversations in the forums, if you talk about religion or politics then there is a good chance that your post will be removed. Especially if we feel that it is likely to stir up debate.

    You are 100% trying to starting a debate, or you just hates communism. If you are trying to start a debate, SHUTUP. If you just hate communism, GET OUT OF THIS PAGE.
    You do not know what that fusealge craft means. A yellow round face with random-patterned quilt is a common net meme in Chinese society.
    ps. Comment reported.

  • Please fix the map 11 months ago

    and we need a true Airport like in the mod Prague Airport.

  • Flag of France 1814-1830 11 months ago

    The white flag French meme needs 2 die.

  • youfutongxiang 1.2 years ago

    @Strikefighter04 theres a Chinese word: 有福同享,有难同当(Yǒufú tóng xiǎng, yǒu nán tóng dāng) means faceing both blesses and crisises together, which is homophonic to 有蝠同享(read as Yǒufú tóng xiǎng too),蝠 means 蝙蝠(bat), The authors used this satirical works when there is precedent (2003 SARS) still insist on eating behavior of wild animals.(google translated)

  • Light Shark2020 4 months ago

    @switdog08 nah, xml the glass opacity to 500%-1000% and colour's metallic to null

  • Profile Picture 4 months ago

    此时此刻,全世界的时钟都被拨 快 了 一 秒

  • Boeing 757-200 Passenger variant 6 months ago

    @TheKugelblitz bruh.

  • What do you think happened during the year 666? 8 months ago

    Abdul-Rahman ibn Abi Bakr, first child of first Rashidun caliph, Abu Bakr As-Siddiq
    Arnefrit, duke of Friuli (Northern Italy)
    Liu Xiangdao, official of the Tang Dynasty (b. 596)
    Ramla bint Abi Sufyan, a wife of Muhammad
    Yeon Gaesomun, dictator of Goguryeo (b. 603)

  • Nothing 8 months ago


  • Lego City 60117 Van And Caravan 9 months ago

    A man in the lego city has...

  • German Corsair 9 months ago

    what exactly is this?

  • tank 10 months ago

    t o n k

  • Creeper 10 months ago


    I can't stop singing this bloody TUNE TUNE TUNE

    Dan Bull Intensifies

  • 1130 Near anti-gun 10 months ago

    真就机翻呗 近防炮直接用CIWS就行了hhh

  • ambulance(JP) 11 months ago


  • A330-243 China Southern [CZ] B-6057 ''Guangzhou 2010'' 11 months ago

    Jundroo™ Flight Simulator X

  • An-2 Colt PLAAF one month ago

    reee, cool

  • Shenyang J-8II TEST flight one month ago

    First, Yellow TEST livery does look strange but ONE CAN NOT JUST POINTING AT OTHER'S CRAFT AND YELLING IT'S STUPID OR SOMETHING. Regard the rules.
    Second, J-8II is NOT and NEVER a copy. Go get more knowledge man.

  • Naked MBT 2 months ago

    Leopard 2A4

  • Am Transgender!!! 4 months ago

    Don't care, didn't ask

  • Unpopular opinion: replica builds are the worst builds on this site 5 months ago

    It took us two years to learn to speak, but it took sixty years to learn to shut up. Most of the time, the more we speak, the farther away we are from each other, the more contradictions we have. In communication, most people are always eager to express themselves, but they do not understand each other at all. Two years of learning to speak, a lifetime of learning to shut up. Understand and do not understand, not much. Quiet heart, slow to say. If you don't have any words, don't say it.
    --E. M. Hemingway, 1899-1961

  • What if we had a small 'Battle' in SP multiplayer 6 months ago

    This is currently impossible with the current multiplayer mod. We need.... some official multiplayer thinggy to make this possible

  • A.A.I A-14JS Kai Thundercat 7 months ago

    Highway to the brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt-ie zone

  • McDonnell-Douglas A-12 7 months ago

    Why this isn't featured?

  • Delta 757-200 8 months ago



  • Untitled 9 months ago

    the rule page really has to show up when a new player signs up.

  • The Final SimplePlanes Weekly, with Awsomur. 9 months ago

    Some memes will acturally offend a group of people.
    ^That sentence et this comment is off-topic under this post but I dont want to start a new post et possibly a new drama.

    Especially when these memes was related with politics or other not funny things.

    It really makes people mad. Well you're gonna say block is the way but is the block really the way? You can't do anything with the bad meme-spammers. The BMP will just continue spaming. Yes, you can feel free to post memes. Any kind of. But please, PLEASE, do NOT post them at places where this meme's gonna start a possible debate or drama. Especially these memes will likely make some people mad. Meme that kind exists.

    Don't even think to start a bloody drama again please

  • HongQi L5 9 months ago

    @TiFosiF 对付脑瘫刷脑瘫梗 移除评论 屏蔽 举报三联 请

  • a fan 9 months ago

    a turbofan

  • Mi-28NM "Havoc" 9 months ago


  • FA-18 Faceless Soldier 10 months ago

    how did you made these screenshots lol

  • D-LS 133 Scharnhorst 11 months ago

    u made urself

  • Pobedy 11 months ago

    Стоим мы на посту, повзводно и поротно
    Бессмертны,как огонь. Спокойны,как гранит
    Мы армия страны, Мы армия народа
    Великий подвиг, наш история хранит.
    Не зря в судeьбе, алеет знамя
    Не зря на нас, надеется страна
    Священные слова, "Москва за нами!"
    Мы помним со времён, Бородина
    Священные слова, "Москва за нами!"
    Мы помним со времён, Бородина!
    Вручили наш отцы, всесильное оружье
    Мы Родине своей, присягу принесли
    И в жизни нам дана, единственная служба
    От смерти защищать, грядущее Земли!
    Не надо нас пугать, бахвалиться спесиво
    Не стоит нам грозить, и вновь с огнём играть
    Ведь,если враг рискнёт, проверить нашу силу,
    Он больше ничего, не сможет проверять!

  • What’s your favorite quote? 11 months ago

    "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."
    - Unknown