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On project list

F-15C United Federation Air Force TFW 45
F-15SE United Federation Air Force TFW 31
F-16C United Federation Air Force
KF-16D Republic of Korea Air Force (ROK)
Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-29S 9-14 VVS USSR

Future plans

Chengdu J-10A PLAAF
Dassault Rafale Chasseur Armee de l'Air
Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-29 9-13 Polish Air Force
Mikoyan Gurevich YaK-141 VMF Aviation USSR
SAAB JAS-39 Swedish Air Force


The United Federation of Nicro (Nicroian: Federaatcion Unitaade des Nicroyse, English: The United Federation of Nicro, Chinese: NàiKèLuó LiánBang), referred to as Nicriland (Nicroian: Nicroyse, English: Nicriland, Chinese: NàiKèLuó Dì), is a democratic federation located in the central Transoceania contient. The mainland is adjacent to Canada to the north, and the Delta Federation borders the south.
Is a developed social-democratic country and a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council. Its shipping industry, tourism, and heavy industry are listed as the three pillars of foreign exchange income. Moreover, agriculture is developed, and the industry is mainly light industry, but heavy industry is also very developed.
Capital city Cocherantown
Major cities New Xap, Séti, Khrolyowsk-na-Séti, Lovell, Paleto city et al.
National day 4th, July
National anthem "Union Cross"
National motto "Pro natione et populum"
Official Language English, Nicroian, Chinese(Mandarin)
Landscape 810 204 796 km sq. (1995)
GDP 29 786 218 479 404 UFD (1995)
Population 586 240 017 (1995)
Law system Roman-German Law system
National Leader Pres. Lynch E. Saxon (Federal Social-Democrat Party, Trots.) ,1996
Human Develop Index 0.892, Very High, 1997

Friendly Civilizations
Delta Federation, People's Republic of China, French Republic, Canada, Roman Respublic, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, Republic of Poland

An FBI, Definitely

I'm trying to be a bot-like account on the site. I am a synth acutrally..
Planes I like most:
F-15 (Single seaters only) Nothing to say, just love it.
Rafale The best Generation 4++ Fighter and French-styled beauty
Su-27 Smooth but hard
If you're finding me on Users page, I'm on ugh... Page 15.

Notice: If you are being rude or offended me or made me feel it is necessary to mute you or made me feel you are too edited, you are muted.
Some example of being edited to me below.

-If you dare insulting my country, you are edited.
-If you dare use French surrander meme, you edited.
-If you dare use bat/coronavirus meme, you edited.
-If you gone too much on political, you edited.

"To seek common ground while reserving differences"
-Zhou Enlai, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China

Ah-oh I'got some DCI dudes over there..
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Aye sir. But I think I should leave a way contacting mej... So here's my steam account. If you have information to let me know just add me and DM me.

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