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There will be remaked versions on E-5 Roselyn AWACS.
The Pentaquadron Campaign (6/20)
Sqd 1 -- Soviet #1 Su-27SM3, Su-35BM, Su-27PU (Polish Livery), Su-25T
Sqd 2 -- Eurocorp EF-30, EF-2000 (RAF), JAS-39E, Tornado IDS
Sqd 3 -- Nicroian F-15C, F-16C, F-19C, F-14D
Sqd 4 -- Chinese J-11D, J-10A, Q-5IV, JF-17 (Pakistan Livery)
Sqd 5 -- Soviet #2 Mig-29, YaK-141, Mig-23 (Korean Livery), Su-22M4P
Extra gifts: Rafale, F/A-18C


The United Federation of Nicro (Nicroian: Federaatcion Unitaade des Nicroyse, English: The United Federation of Nicro, Chinese: NàiKèLuó LiánBang), referred to as Nicriland (Nicroian: Nicroyse, English: Nicriland, Chinese: NàiKèLuó Dì), is a democratic federation located in the central Transoceania contient. The mainland is adjacent to Canada to the north, and the Delta Federation borders the south.
Is a developed social-democratic country and a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council. Its shipping industry, tourism, and heavy industry are listed as the three pillars of foreign exchange income. Moreover, agriculture is developed, and the industry is mainly light industry, but heavy industry is also very developed.
Capital city Cocherantown
Top Major cities New Xap, Séti-Khrolyovsk, Paleto city, Lovell, Cocherantown, Bostogne, Mineannapolia, Indiannapolia, Sétoi-Novy-des-Iroqouitte and so on.
National day 4th, July
National anthem "Union Cross"
National motto "Pro natione et populum"
Official Language English, Nicroian, Chinese(Mandarin)
Landscape 810 205 102 km sq. (2018)
GDP 34 764 818 520 139 UFD (2018)
Population 1 094 131 072 (2018)
Law system Roman-German Law system
National Leader Pres. Vasiliane Hedrique de Xap (CPUFN ,2016)
Human Develop Index 0.901, Very High, 2011

Friendly Civilizations
Delta Federation, People's Republic of China, French Republic, Canada, Roman Respublic, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, Republic of Poland

An FBI, Definitely RIP, He's been banned for underage... We have to wait for him for a year I guess?

I'm trying to be a bot-like account on the site. I am a synth acutrally..
Planes I like most:
F-15 (Single seaters only) Nothing to say, just love it. Tight et powerful.
Rafale The best Generation 4++ Fighter and French-styled beauty.
Su-27 Neat.
If you're finding me on Users page, I'm on ugh... Page 10.

Notice: If you are being rude or offended me or made me feel it is necessary to mute you,
Or you made me feel you are too edited, you are muted.
So, don't make me feel you are too edited. Thank you.

It took us two years to learn to speak, but it took sixty years to learn to shut up. Most of the time, the more we speak, the farther away we are from each other, the more contradictions we have. In communication, most people are always eager to express themselves, but they do not understand each other at all. Two years of learning to speak, a lifetime of learning to shut up. Understand and do not understand, not much. Quiet heart, slow to say. If you don't have any words, don't say it.
--E. M. Hemingway, 1899-1961

"To seek common ground while reserving differences"
-Zhou Enlai, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China

Ah-oh I'got some DCI dudes over there..
Do NOT enter any personally identifiable information, such as your real name, address, phone number or any other contact information.
Aye sir. But I think I should leave a way contacting mej... So here's my steam account. If you have information to let me know just add me and DM me.
Et my discord. Suthariane#9646.... I dont use that frequently.

I'm planning on making an youtube account at the beginning of '21... maybe.
Remember, if you have anything to tell me, go tell Lucasie first. She will bring the information to me..... Or she won't. Blame her.
I'm planning to reach platium befor the end of 2021.
I gotta go... I hate these noisy DCIs. They are ruining the silence!


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