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United Aurora Confederation

Involved in the Official SP Roleplay universe and are close allies with the U.K.E. If you want to be an ally and are in the discord server, fill out this form.

Moderator Chat Log:

Also, involved in an inside war with Tully who keeps changing things on my bio... Not that I do the same to him... Of course I'd never humour such a thing.

I wonder if Squirrel will notice... - Tully

hasn't noticed - Squirrel

Sometimes I want to be active, but I just can’t be bothered to add my tags cause I’m too lazy for that.

the sentence above is a lie

*strokes long luscious tail* w will you be my f fwiend? uwu <3 *nuzzles you*

No, get lost. It's my tail.

Below is a number counting the number of days since Squirrel last checked his bio:
-365 billion years

Squirrel, the type of guy to walk into a parked car and exclaim “Well that’s a stupid place to park a car”
- Maybe latent?

Grunts and makes random noises ... Hhhrrrmmph Mod Mod
- Mod

And here we see a natural sight, a new moderator being unable to make “hilarious bio edits” as they simply do not yet understand the real meaning to humour; a deadly occurrence indeed for they are also unable to comprehend how long sentences can actually be or how long they can eventually become which, as a result, makes the rare creature confused so they try to dismiss it and move; consequently, the creature strays away from the danger of a low humoured long sentence and tends to ignore it for as long as possible, but whilst it is straying (as well as grunting) it decides it is a good idea to check the mod queue which leads other, matured moderators with little to no posts to moderate which can be infuriating; this has a side effect of the more mature moderators to slowly become less and less active and makes them struggle to hunt for posts, it’s the circle of a moderators life, it ends as there is a new beginning. Just like a sentence.
- some fat man