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United Aurora Confederation (UAC)

The UAC Flag

Founder of the Conglomerate Aurora Systems (CAS) company which now specialises in intuitive AI systems as well as other areas of technology.

More detailed information and history of the UAC and CAS can be found here.

CAS is also known as Squirrel Industries. This was the former name given to CAS which was subsequently changed due to a shift in direction and diversity of the company. With increasing advances in robotic technology among a higher quality of aircraft in production, it was decided that an image change was needed for the company to fully establish itself as serious competition to the other companies which it isn’t allied with.


CAS is currently allied with Steadfast Contracting in a joint partnership known as Squirrel Industries Steadfast Contracting (SISC) as well as this CAS is aliied with and a member of the Simple Planes Masters Group:

Also, involved in an inside war with Tully who keeps changing things on my bio... Not that I do the same to him... Of course I'd never humour such a thing.

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