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PRT Air Force (for real)

Hi, I'm Steve, that's not my real name but whatever.

I crave flying like nobody else, so when I found this game, a dream had came true.
I most of my creations are original and fictional, but feel free to make requests. I sometimes have bursts of inspiration and a marvel comes out to the community.
I build mostly airliners and cargo planes, my fighter jets aren't that good (yet).
As always, trying to improve my building skills.

Current themes:

  • Alien/insectoid (none so far)

Current projects/ideas

  • Original Design Zentraedi Ship/Fighter
  • AgustaWestland EH-101 Merlin

Other things about me

I'm a follower of Wurtzism.
I love Future Funk and Disco.
I'm a handball goalkeeper.
I speak Portuguese as well.