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  • ASCENSION 1.2 years ago

    Weak, you only got 102... I have 3245!

  • I suffered a tragic event one year ago

    ...Sigh..... a missed opportunity to be Spider man

  • New Team Member 1.3 years ago

    Now that's the definition of Good news!

  • A-10 WarDucC 1.4 years ago

    ........Ok enough internet for me today.

  • WHAT SHOULD I MAKE one year ago

    This weird looking VTOL

  • Hi iam new one one year ago

    Hello, I'm Mmdben, a guy who love VTOL , nice to meet you
    here is the basics of this place:-(Click on any blue text to go to it's source)
    1- know how to use the fuselage block.
    2- You should understand the Overload, and you should learn the XML values -click me to go to a perfect XML guide-
    3-Fine tuner mod, just use it!
    4 if you want to build replicas you MUST have designer suite.
    5- (Optional)a mod that will make your combating skills way better -Advanced targeting mod-.
    6-Go and download the top rated planes and disassemble them ,Learn how these top users create these incredible planes. just go to the Top users page and check all of them!
    7- If you can't understand anything or you need help just ask for help and within the first 24 hours someone will help you I swear!
    8- people love functionality, If you made a super detailed craft people will still upvote it but they will talk about how badly it flies! So make your plane a good flyer!
    9- A simplified tutorial about to how to make a plane more stable in the air.
    10- And DON"T STEAL,everyone is going to hate you for it! ,,,feel free to take whatever part you want from other planes but say in the description where you got it from ----- example .. I made a plane and I used one of your parts ,I must write in it's description , "Special Thanks to stephanieh for(whatever part I used from you), otherwise you'll be hated forever.
    11- Make teasers such as this one!
    12- Use these tricks to have a beautiful posts - The formatting guide-

    And follow the site rules, the mods are always active and watching ,Andrew gives them a steady supply of coffee in order not to sleep!

    -Hopefully this helps you!

  • Now I understand why people say they hate the community of Simple Rockets 2 one year ago

    @DPSAircraftManufacturer You got the wrong picture, SR2 is a Game where everyone is just playing with his own space program trying to land on different planets, lunch satellites,Rovers and many more by himself, that's just the the nature of a space simulator game, where is simpleplanes is very very very versatile game, take me as an example I played SR2 for 30+ Hours now but I didn't upload anything, that community is very polite and helpful but you need to talk to them in their discord chat, the SR2 active members on the site are very small their top posts gets like 15 upvotes meanwhile SP top posts can go to 200 upvotes.

    SR2 's community is very small so you won't find that much activity in the site, and the nature of the game won't help either, So PLEASE join their discord chat if you want to be in touch with them.

  • About upvoting 1.2 years ago

    @CRJ900Pilot @JamesBoA and the 6th:- that guy who says "Great plane,fantastic, I love it " then they don't upvote the plane XD.

  • the truth about simplerockets 2 1.2 years ago

    Nope they're different games. especially in physics,

  • You will only partially regret clicking this(Teaser) 1.3 years ago

    @Destroyerz117 Everything looks stunning!can't wait to fly that harrier!

  • UNSF VF-3500S Crusader Valkyrie 1.4 years ago

    1. the plane is unstable if you turn hard in low speeds.
    2. the wings fold in too much making the plane glitch and roll.
    8.5/10 good plane

  • A Tanky Ride one year ago

    A new challenger appears, tag me or I'll marder you,tanks really much for reading, I'll finish eating my Chi-tos .

  • I demand birthday wishes one year ago

    Good,you're now one year closer to your death.

  • Why did Pearl Harbour happen? one year ago

    You just created an account to say that,didn't you?

  • Forever spinning rotators! 1.2 years ago

    I upvoted because of the description .

  • Simpleplanes Memes 2.0 1.2 years ago

    Ummm simple planes headache is a slim circle around the eyes,because that f*cking piece of fuselage can't go in the right place......

  • Making A Paper Airplane 1.2 years ago

    Great tutorial I followed it and it failed successfully!

  • Gucci Garfield juul 1.3 years ago

    OK, enough internet for me tonight.

  • ZNS La Ninarita Class Flotilla Leader 1.3 years ago

    I'm still waiting for that description,it has been 2 hours now.


    ....................I need to change my pants.

  • F-35 1.3 years ago

    The rules have sent me.

  • MJ-550-8 (LIVERY CHALLENGE) 1.4 years ago


  • Kitfox Logo 1.4 years ago

    ..........And here I'm struggling to make a "C".

  • bones 1.4 years ago

    I got really excited, I thought it was pixel art.

  • something i recently found out about the search feature one year ago

    That's why I call my unlisted builds Lord dipsh*t.........

  • The complete Overview of VTOL configuration ( Basic version/ not using any mathematical symbols or equations) one year ago

    @CruzerBlade it's not bad,in fact it's an excellent design, but it has a lot of wasted potential which was sacrificed to give an Electronic warfare plane a WEAK stealth potential ....I mean it must be equipped with jammers if it an electronic warfare fighter ,SO why the stealthy design?
    I'll tell you:- they did it for just the looks ( the same goes for its zigzagged doors and the merge of the spine and the cockpit which is the most flawed part of its "Stealthy design" )
    I mean it won against the Boeing X-32 ( L=C thrust vectoring aircraft),but the Boeing X-32 was absolutely better than it in VTOL...but here is how the F-35 won:-
    "Basically the F119-PW-614S (X-32 engine) was a Direct Lift engine, whereas the Lockheed Martin STOVL team used a more complex and riskier alternative, known as the F119-PW-611(the Brilliant poorly executed engine), which comprised a remote shaft-driven lift fan powered by the main engine. However, this generated more lift thrust than possible with only direct exhaust gases(SO the F-35 is superior). A successful design would have greater payload, and thus longer range than a simple thrust vectored turbofan" and that's how the X-32 lost, complete crap right?

  • Just One More SimpleMeme #3 1.2 years ago

    Ok, good night everyone, enough internet for me today.

  • Target Acquired 1.2 years ago

    Now that's a lot of damage.

  • How do you land perfectly? (Seriously) 1.2 years ago

    HaHa poor peasants, TRY VTOL!

  • Which build do i progress? 1.2 years ago

    VTOL gunship! VTOL gunship! VTOL gunship! VTOL gunship! VTOL gunship! VTOL gunship! VTOL gunship! VTOL gunship! VTOL gunship! VTOL gunship! VTOL gunship! VTOL gunship! VTOL gunship! VTOL gunship! VTOL gunship! VTOL gunship! VTOL gunship! VTOL gunship! VTOL gunship! VTOL gunship! VTOL gunship!

    See that the crowd wants the VTOL gunship!

  • Jundroo should check if you’ve downloaded the craft before letting u upvote 1.2 years ago

    Sureeeeeeeee, I'm not going to download a 4000 parts build that will make my game impossible to open because it will crash the moment I open the designer.......

  • Tea-34 1.2 years ago

    BBBRilliant, Just look at it!

  • Making LEGO Heli FLy? (is this cheating?) 1.3 years ago

    every single thing I do ends like this.

  • Manually Guided Radio-Controlled Glide Bomb TEST (Fritz-X) 1.3 years ago

    @FairFireFight You can add an unguided rocket at the end of it to stimulate flares ( it had a flare on it's end so the radio operator could see where it is going while he was guiding it)

  • 1.9 update ideas 1.3 years ago

    Landing gear? make it yourself!

    but yeah an in-game overload will be the most useful thing they can include in that update.

  • M1 Abrams Art. No.1500 1.3 years ago

    Oh god, A maus and an abrams ........MAURAMS!

  • Fortress 1.4 years ago

    @MisterT I must say If I didn't see that smoke coming out of the engine I would have said it's from another game.

  • 'Killer' AH 64 Duck MK2 2.6 1.4 years ago

    Everyday we stray further from GOD.......

  • Control Surface bug 1.4 years ago


  • A relatable meme 1.4 years ago


  • GTG-9 'Falcon' Missile system 1.4 years ago

    I like it a lot, the convoy at the desert map didn't.

  • Percentages Of Types Of Profile Images one year ago

    This isn't accurate, you didn't mention me, the 0.000001% flower, I'm endangered, I'm the last of my kind.

  • Machine Gun one year ago

    I prefer the sound of ... Multiple parts are damaged.....

  • Bruh Look At This Dude... one year ago

    Lol, you have a level 2 cop mustache,.... XD

  • Funniest/Stupidest thing you or someone has done on SP? one year ago

    I spent a lot of time designing a plane for the tournament.........The Ai needs an update.

  • Why am I following myself? one year ago

    To be notified when you upload something,also you can block yourself if you get annoyed with yourself ,and if you did something bad you can report yourself.....

  • Wat shiuld i buld one year ago

    An English dictionary

  • To All Silver And Higher one year ago

    Hey guyz plz check out planes mine Upvot plz thx.
    So, what make you angry?just ignore it.....points are just a virtual number that forms a filter between good builders and awful ones.....that's why you'll see most of them stuck at white or bronze, If anyone build for upvotes he'll go up rapidly, but these people can't and won't so why does that angers you,again?

  • “Lone Wolf “ one year ago

    Forget about the tank ,look at these sexy trees and shadows (OoO).

  • Q&A With Jim1the1Squid (2) one year ago