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Kerlonceaux Industries, commonly shortened to just KI, is among the largest commercial and military industries in the galaxy. It is headquartered in the mighty United States of Canada (my nation in the 2030 RP on Discord). This document is currently unfinished, but will be completed eventually.

Here's the stats of my RP nation:

USC Basic Stats:

Name: United States of Canada

Government: Presidential Republic

Demonym: Canadian

- (the) Polynesian Republic [Mutual Defense Agreement; MDA]

World Stats: A very advanced nation with some of the cleanest cities on the planet

GDP: 46.1 Trillion (Canadian dollar equivalent to 1.25 US dollars)

Capital: Ottawa

Currency: USC (Canadian) dollar

Population: 108.5 million

Unemployment Rate: 1.3%

[Active] 1,250,000
[Reserve] 3,105,450

Basic Military Stats: Highly trained and well-paid armed forces; known for being very patriotic and more than willing to defend the homeland

Stability: 98.99%

Total Area: 9,984,670 km^2

Total Land Area: 9,093,507 km^2