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It appears you've stumbled upon the profile of someone who was, up until recently, IP banned.

tbh I was surprised when I wasn't banned after coming out about me being the real Jim1the1Squid
Also, I may or may not be a cybernetic creature developed in a lab from another universe for exploring space... whistle

But enough about that, here's some stuff about me:
1. I'm 17
2. My address is [REDACTED] (Nice try)
3. My most downloaded build as of June 24th, 2021, is my M40 Joker "Mr J", a fictional 8x8 wheeled IFV, and my most downloaded build as of August 7, 2021, is the M165A4 A.D.F.H.
4. My most upvoted/spotlighted build is my M7-AP1/A1 Eagle AMBT at 450 points
5. I'm an active member of the SimplePlanes Skipper's Chat (JOIN IT, YOU WON'T REGRET IT unless you break the rules ofc)
6. I used to love building ships, and I have a few on this account (Most of them were on my old Jim1the1Squid account). Nowadays I like tanks.
7. I play pretty much just War Thunder and SimplePlanes. I've played SimplePlanes for quite some time now, about 6 1/2 years, and War Thunder I've played only about a year.
8. I'm into tanks because of War Thunder. If I don't know what my enemy is using, how can I expect to disable or eliminate them in a timely manner? Let's say I didn't know that the upper front plate of a Tiger II is 150mm sloped at 60°. I would die because my M332A1 APDS wouldn't do crap against that.
9. I'm a sentient toaster (toasters are sexy)

First build to ever make the front page:
M165A4 ADFH, achieved Friday, July 23rd, 2021

Anyways, thanks for reading, feel free to check out my stuff and try it out for yourself.

Previously known as TheMachinist, TanksWorldwide, TastyTanks, TankerWithATankard