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AAE Military Inc.


What makes you come here?


I was born in Japan.
I'm 14 years old.
I make things dissapear.
I like to talk alot.
I like things that creates explosion.
I like cup noodles
Especially curry.
I love UNIQLO.

Question Time!!!

Q : Can you speak Japanese?
A : kinda.

Q : How do you found Simpleplanes?
A : Well i once play a game called Simplerockets. Then i found an advertisement about this game and eventually play this game.

Q : Are you a weeb?
A : Yeah. Why are you asking? XD

Q : Do you play this game on other platform?
A : At first time i play this game was on Samsung Ace III. It was pretty meh phone with about 800mb RAM. Then my parents bought me an iPhone. I can build better stuff there. Yes. I once played SP on laptop. But my laptop somehow commit suicide. RIP Laptop 2018-2017

Q : Who is your waifu?
A : Mei Irizaki best Irizaki

The left one she's a cutie right?