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AAE Military Inc.


w-who are you!?


My creations are dope!
I make planes!
I make tanks!
I make gunships!
I make all the other things!


I was born in Japan.
Curry is god
Cup noodle is baeeeeeee
I can make enemy faster than energizer bunny on crack
Coffee is love coffee is life
Likes flying things

Question Time!!!

Q : Boi you were born there you still understand Japanese right?
A : can read hiragana, understanding most of katakana, dont understand kanji at all as i wasn't taught kanji. For speaking it well..... I um..... Let's say i've lost about 80% of it yeah....

Q : How do you found Simpleplanes?
A : Well i once play a game called Simplerockets the game was lit af boiiiiiii then i found an advertisement about this game and eventually play this game.

Q : You're Japanese so you must've watched anime amirite?
A : Yeah. Can't always watch because of schoolwork

Q : Where do you live?
A : Your basement ;)

Q : You must be single rite aaaaaaaaaaa (??????)
A : Ahehehehehehehehehehehe well sorry but im T A K E N

Q: P90 rush B cyka
A: Idi nahui cyka