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  • Can people please post the Ai planes that spawn. 4.8 years ago

    Planes that are naturally flown by the AI only have 7 wing parts and 150 overall part limit.
    If your plane has more than that you will have to manually spawn them by going to Menu - spawn AI - choose the plane you want.

  • ROTOR WOBBLE 4.3 years ago

    I've noticed this in designs that uses lots of rotators.
    if you have a simple --[ rotators -> fuselage ]-- assembly the connection between the two pieces is very strong and will not wobble under most circumstances.
    But if you have --[ rotators -> fuselage -> rotators -> fuselage ]-- assembly, you'll start getting slight wobbles whis is amplified the more rotators you have and how heavy the entire thing is.. This also applies to all part that makes a block move (like pistons, detachers, spring).

  • Iced Dragon Phoenix 4.7 years ago

    finally got around to try your mod. I can only see the Extender.. are there other custom parts in your mod?

  • A more defined limits for a Sandbox AI plane? 4.8 years ago

    @Brields95 @birdsofsteel Thanks for the replies.
    @Brields95 I agree, we need better AI. But for now, the current one is still okay. I Have collected many planes from many users and saved them as AI planes only this one will not spawn naturally.. If I manually spawn it it flies perfectly.

  • Hyper SAM Dodger 6.1 years ago

    err... it cant dodge level 4 SAM or im not flying it right?

  • Landers 01 6.2 years ago

    LOL! I was able to land it once..... with just one engine torn away....

  • BOX FL-0342E [Wheeled Loader] 4.2 years ago

    @MechWARRIOR57 it should move the bucket up/down.. but it doesnt because i probably place its rotator attachments too close to where the bucket is connected to the arm.. as a workarround, i used the rotators instead of the pistons to move the bucket.

  • Why Are My X Coordinates Off?? 4.3 years ago

    create a stand for your plane. the stand must be wider than the plane then exit -> enter the editor

  • Need Help! -- My Skills are Getting Rusty -- 4.3 years ago

    @Ctracerx2 Thank you! just pm me if you have ideas..

  • Need Help! -- My Skills are Getting Rusty -- 4.3 years ago

    i only need help with the front.. i can build the rest of the vehicle based on how the front looks.. Thank you!

  • Tsar Bomba 4.3 years ago

    @KINTARO lol!

  • Wheeled Loader 4.3 years ago

    @FordsRZBest eh.. i was not being a smartass.. i didn't think youd interpret it that way..

  • The mods I downloaded won't work with my pc 4.3 years ago

    @mbmadnes32 Your mods are on the correct folder so they should work correctly..
    you are on Vista? That is probably the problem. Some mods are made on newer versions of unity that is only compatible for win7 and up.
    The best you could do is ask the mod maker if his mod is compatible with vista.

  • The mods I downloaded won't work with my pc 4.3 years ago

    @mbmadnes32 where did you put the mod files? (the path to the folder)

  • Wheeled Loader 4.3 years ago

    @QingyuZhou @FordsRZBest this is a front loader (loader, wheeled loader) because it uses a large bucket connected in two boom arms to scoop/dumping things from the front.
    A back hoe is is a mechanism where a bucket is suspended in a two-part arm. It scoops things by drawing them towards itself. Its typically mounted at the back of a tractor.
    A combination of both on the same tractor is called backhoe loader

  • The mods I downloaded won't work with my pc 4.3 years ago

    Can you elaborate? Did you put the mod in the proper folder?

  • How Do I Unlock Everything w/Files? 4.3 years ago

    @AwesomeDesign717 I have no idea why you (and other people) are having a hard time finding this race's location..
    anyway, --> clicky<-- here is a picture of its starting point. take not it starts at 16k feet so you may need to go this high or higher to unlock it. this race also goes into the center of Snowstone island so you may need to search there too.

  • SImplePlanes map 2.0!!! 4.3 years ago

    You can change the weather around the kraken manually to take brighter pictures

  • Is there an easier way to make hollow fuselages? 4.3 years ago

    @IStoleYourMeme fuselage inlets holds things in front of them.. You just place the block properly then rotate.. This is how i made ser walder's head/hands/feet

  • Is there an easier way to make hollow fuselages? 4.3 years ago

    Fuselage inlets.. Or if you dont mind not having windows you can use a transparent fuselage within a regular fuselage and use a camera to look inside.

  • ROTOR WOBBLE 4.3 years ago

    Another thing I've noticed with example 2, if the entire assembly is very long and only relies on a single rotator at the base for support, the whole assembly will start to wobble despite the weight of the assembly..
    Edit: when i said "fuselage" i mean all "rigid" parts (like simple blocks, fuselage blocks, fuel tanks, engines, etc)

  • JX-00 Cobra head AC 4.3 years ago

    very impressive. this design truly deserved to be featured.
    but, if you are planning to build something like this again please optimize your design to use as few blocks as possible. i see you used multiple 1x1x1 blocks here in a space that would be easily filled by a 5x5x5 block. by doing this, you could probably shave off at least 1000 blocks here without changing the robots appearance at all. This is so we (with weak laptops) could enjoy your design without the accompanying lag.
    keep up the good work, sir.

  • What shall I make for my one year?! 4.3 years ago

    Your username

  • FEELING SAD... 4.3 years ago

    Try building something other than planes

  • Philippine Air Force Patch 4.3 years ago

    Take one from @BobTheTitanSP's planes. You can resize them using Finetuner mod

  • BOX FL-0342E [Wheeled Loader] 4.3 years ago

    @MechWARRIOR57 the vehicle numbers are just made up.. But the truck itself is a combination of several real truck designs.

  • Update.. ngh.. 4.3 years ago

    Redo your doors. The door itself should have collisions enabled whille the frame around it should have its collisions disabled

  • Overload 4.3 years ago

    @WNP78 same here... sometimes the keyboard will be disabled after editing something. it will stay that way until i close the game.

  • How Do I Unlock Everything w/Files? 4.3 years ago

    @Flightsonic actually, the reason why i dont advise sharing gamefiles to others is because of legal reason.. Afterall, we agreed to jundroo's terms before we installed the game...
    And, all game forums I've been, publicly asking for game files is usually frowned upon by pretty much everyone... untill a mod or dev gives the permission

  • Snow stone Base Location 4.3 years ago

    Create a reasonably maneuverable boat ---> Attach the main cockpit below the water line (e.g. submerged) ---> peacefully swim towards the ship dock at the base of the mountain and unlock the base from there..
    This is how i unlocked that location an update ago, though for added challenge i did not put my cockpit underwater so i had to snipe the turrets using rocket launchers first.

  • How Do I Unlock Everything w/Files? 4.3 years ago

    @Flightsonic sharing the files probably isnt an issue with the devs. but to be on the safe side i dont advise sharing anything but the "AircraftDesigns" files that you made yourself.

  • How Do I Unlock Everything w/Files? 4.3 years ago

    @TurklerRS for some reason i cannot post my reply.... it says its "comment is pending"
    edit: -- click me -- first, i advise you to backup your file before any attempt at modification. second, this method should work in theory.. it was not tested in the game because, to be frank, all locations and races are pretty easy to find so i dont need to do this at all

  • can somebody make mod whit scopes and bombsights on it? 4.3 years ago

    i have my ac-130 with target reticles. but as @PilotOfFuture said, they are just ground looking camera + super tiny fuselage blocks + dumb bombs attached to super strength detachers.. it is fairly accurate at 5000 feet and below

  • How Do I Unlock Everything w/Files? 4.3 years ago

    you need to edit the CloudSettings.xml
    and, you cannot/should not publicly ask anyone to give you game files because they are property of the devs.. not the players

  • Now Featuring Gold Players 4.3 years ago

    Yay! Thank god Im still at gold..

  • Reflective blocks? 4.3 years ago

    @TheGuyYouMightKnow -- click me -- the values they are talking about is in the bottom of the xml file..

  • Black Falcon 4.3 years ago

    beautiful ship! but why no description?

  • PC SP 4.3 years ago

    Jundroo's official Simpleplanes page on GOG:
    --> click <--

  • Overload 4.3 years ago

    @mrferretairlines use min - max setting under RotatorState (or something like that)

  • Overload 4.3 years ago

    @Thomas243 not as i see it. Both mods compliment each other. FineTuner for ease of use in scaling/rotating/repositioning any (and a group of) block in the editor and Overload for editing everything else.

  • How long do you guys spend building your stuff? 4.3 years ago

    I built this guy for a year. Its first version was a crappy minecraft'y robot. I rebuilt it using wings and while it looked infinitely better, the lag became unbearable. So i had to wait months until the devs could implement the fuselage blocks and rebuild it with them.
    On my other design, it usually take a few weeks because i can only game for a few hours each day.

  • ASEA Offworld Habitat 4.3 years ago

    I dont see Matt Damon anywhere?

  • Overload update 0.8 4.3 years ago

    You rock!

  • bug in flaps position ! 4.3 years ago

    Yep, your observation is correct.
    IIRC from a comment of PhilipTarpley.... When a wing's control surface is deflected the force is applied at roughly 1/3 from the wing's leading edge. So if 1/3 of your wing's leading edge is in front of your CoM you will need to reverse the control surface of that wing.

  • VV-800 Kuyter xr 4.3 years ago

    This was made on android? what phone are you using??

  • 737-700 V.1.1.5 4.3 years ago

    tail looks crumpled. other than that its good

  • Emp bombs and timers as well as more choice of controls I.e more buttons and sliders like VTOL and trim 4.3 years ago

    OP I'll piggyback this idea instead of creating a new post.
    It would be very cool if we can control rotators and pistons using the Air-To-Air and Air-To-Ground buttons.
    --> you have a plane with custom bomb bay doors. by pressing Air-To-Ground button you would open the bays that contain boom50 bombs.
    --> you made a replica of F-22. pressing Air-To-Air button will open will open missile bays for interceptor and guardian missiles.

  • Bomber with bomb sight 4.4 years ago

    @TTHHSSSS only at max speed at 1500-2000 ft.
    OP this is very good